BOOK: Business model design for game changers


business model generation

Are you constantly thinking about how to create value and build new businesses?

If your answer is yes then you’re like me and talk about business models in your sleep!

I was directed to a than can help us do just that!

Written by , , is a book written for people who want to design a better and different way to do business, in other words business model innovation.

City Of The Living Dead full

Although it doesn’t come out until a few weeks, I thought I’d give you guys a heads up and make sure you and read the 72 page preview of the book.

If you don’t know anything or just don’t understand what business models are, the downloadable book preview does a good job of explaining the basics of Business Model design such as the business model canvas which is a BIG picture view of your business seen through the eyes of a strategist.

If you’ve read , you’ll know this is going to be a great book!

Thanks to for pointing out the book!