What is the greatest impediment to creativity?

What is the greatest impediment to creativity?

Question-to-innovate Series: This the twentieth of a series of weekly posts where I will answer a few common questions about innovation. Please feel free to add your own response. Also, if you have any questions you think we should discuss, let me know.

The greatest impediment to creativity is your impatience. Let me explain…

Bravery has always been associated with creativity. And, while fear is an important impediment to creativity, worse, I believe, is impatience.

The inevitable desire to hurry up the process, express something, and make a splash. Sure, the speed in how we communicate is a key driver in the pace of change in the world. This puts enormous pressure on companies to forge ahead and innovate (if they can).

But see, what happens when you hurry up the process, is that you do not master the basics. What you mistake for being creative and distinctive is more likely an imitation of other people’s style, or personal tastes that do not really express anything.

The best route is to love learning for its own sake. Anyone who spends years absorbing the techniques or creating new ones, of their craft, mastering them, exploring and personalizing them, will inevitably find their own niche and give birth to something unique.

In other words, respect and enjoy the process of developing a mastery mindset.

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  • Hi Jorge – coupled with this is the often desperate urge to find “the right answer”. We are conditioned from an early age that answers are either right or wrong. We aren’t taught to deal with ambiguity; with “half” answers that with some nurturing and encouragement could be great; or with wrong options that could stimulate someone else’s thinking.

    That’s why opening up, accepting and not judging in the divergent phase; then clearly keeping the target in mind in the convergent phase; are key.


    • Hi Kevin,

      That is a great point.

      Thanks for adding your thoughts 🙂