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Paying attention to the small details makes a HUGE difference

Like most people I get a haircut every 3 to 4 weeks before I start looking like a monkey. I’ve been cutting my hair with the same barber for the last 18 years so it was to my surprise this morning that I got a new added benefit

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The Voyage That Shook the World trailer for getting a haircut…a massage!

Yup, that’s right a massage.

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Things like these make a whole of a lot of difference in the haircut experience. Getting a haircut is a relaxing experience, especially when the barber uses the shaving knife to slash the hair off the back of my neck…it just feels great. Now add a massage at the end and you get people leaving looking and feeling fresh!

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The barbers got the idea after one of them built the strap-on-hand-shaker to give massages to himself and then one of the clients suggested he should give clients massages after their haircut.

The barber says that they’ve just recently started giving massages and says that so far clients have liked it (who wouldn’t!) and leave with big smiles in their faces.

As a business owner, you want your clients to have big smiles on their faces all the time.

Key takeaway.

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Look at where you can add extra value, small things make a big difference If I Didn’t Care rip

The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror trailer

…it got me talking and even wrote this post about a simple haircut!