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How to use Evernote to keep your mind sharp


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There are enough reviews of out there so I will not do one here. What I will do is share with you how I use it to manage information and gain insights. There other notebooks in my Evernote but I will only focus on the 4 I use to help me focus my brain.

What I like about Evernote is it’s simplicity.

It has everything in the right place, it’s intuitive just like sitting in the drivers seat. You know where the steering wheel, accelerator, brakes and speedometer are located.

The web clipper is by far the most used feature of Evernote and is conveniently placed on the Firefox toolbar. Just like everyone else I use it to copy full websites, text, videos and pictures. This is what happens next:



Every new note goes to the ToRead notebook where I will then go and read and filter to the other notebooks.

If I’m reading a PDF and I find information that I want to read later on, I’ll use the clipper to select and copy it to Evernote. This takes advantage of Evernote’s text-in-picture reading capabilities later on if you’re searching your notebooks.

I’ll normally forward to-do stuff from my email to the ToDo notebook, this also helps me think about different ways I can do that activity instead of just treating it as another habit.

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is my tactical arsenal. These are a collection of case studies, examples, how-to’s of tactics that I can put to use right away. I can recall examples of usage and think of different combinations on how to put it to use…it helps me formulate strategies really fast.

The Brain Bank notebook is where I develop insights from. I put articles, reports, pdf’s, blog posts, etc that I need to think and reflect on. This is where patterns may emerge that may lead to something (signals) and then use them for some future think (foresight).

That’s it! This is how I use Evernote. It’s still a work in progress but I’m having a lot of fun.

While I use Evernote as a strategic analysis/innovation tool, I’m sure everyone has their own reasons for using Evernote. How do you use Evernote? I’d love to hear any tips!

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