The Future Of Intelligence: Robots Vs Augmented Humans

robots vs augmented humans

Imagine a world where robots and humans are fighting for dominance, each editing the very building blocks of their beings to outcompete the other.

Sound too far fetched?

It could happen.

The ideal scenario for the future of work is one where AI powered robots augment humans, and take on some predictable tasks we don’t have to do; rather than replace us completely.

Much of this already happens, but it’s not entirely obvious, and I believe it’s going to get more advanced as we move forward, but there’s some people who believe that robots will overtake us in cognitive ability and thus, replace us completely. At that point humans will counter by hacking ourselves and create new capabilities with didn’t have before.

As we discussed in the previous episode of The Big Bang podcast, Building A Better Human, we are seeing a rise of DIY hackers who embed technology into their bodies to have new capabilities at their disposal.

And as the power of AI increases, so will our ability to change our genetic code to make humanity smarter, faster, stronger, etc..

So, today we’ll discuss some pressing questions:

  • Will robots augment human jobs or replace them?
  • What happens when robots compete with augmented humans?
  • What is the future of recruitment?
  • Will you be neglected at work for not being augmented?

What do you think is going to happen? Will robots overtake us? What happens when they do?

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