Could we someday create innovations like we create music?

Imagine there was a tool where we could input our ideas, combine them with other ideas, see some connections and visualize them in real-time. I’m not talking about music, but actual ideas like the ones that we have when we’re thinking out loud or brainstorming with a group.

In the video above you see an application called Ableton Live used by many DJ’s in concerts to create music in real-time which we can do using different music equipment from sites as Sound Manual online which offer the best options for this. I repeat, not pre-programmed but in real-time!

Why is this important? It’s important because DJ’s can experiment with different sounds and music in real-time. They’ve always had this ability but with this tool, DJ’s can input the sounds where they want, listen and make the adjustments all in a matter of seconds, just check out these popular public domain songs.

Again imagine if we could have a tool where we could input our ideas, combine them and see a result in real-time before we release it into the world.

What would such a tool look like?

We have one…our brain.

Yes, our brain is the most powerful machine ever invented and although it would be great to have a tool, such as Ableton, at our disposal that could enable us to create more in less time; our brain will ultimately connect the insight that gives us that breakthrough idea.

Only our brain gives us the ability to imagine how things could be before we ever see them out in the world.

I’m sure there are people already thinking about a technology that can enable us to make connections faster but in the meantime we can start by flexing our brain muscles and learn to think better.

P.S. I’m not promoting Ableton Live, I just saw that video and thought about such a tool for the purpose of innovation.

Readers what do you think, is such a tool possible? How would it work? How can we start creating one right now?

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