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STRATEGY: Exchange the role of guest for host



Look beyond the immediate battle and build on a position of weakness to take control.


I was watching my favorite childhood cartoon movie, GI Joe, yesterday and was reminded of a very powerful strategy that the terrorist organization Cobra uses in most of the cartoons that can be applied in business. If you’re not familiar with GI Joe, Cobra Commander is the leader of the terrorist group know as Cobra and Destro is his 2nd in command (both are in the picture above) but in the movie Destro is the commander while Cobra Commander is the brains behind the weapons they’ll use to takeover the world.

The MARS (aka Cobra) organization is the world’s largest supplier of weapons and Destro is it’s CEO. Cobra Commander takes an inferior position by being able to use Destro’s resources to build a technologically advanced terrorist organization that is of his own making.

This is important to know because Cobra Commander is really just waiting in the wings for Destro’s downfall to take over. Up to this point every weapon Destro’s MARS organization has was designed by Cobra Commander himself and as any good strategist has been influencing every decision the organization has taken before he takes power.

When he finally takes power nothing really changes since he’s planned all of this from the beginning to be this way.


This strategy is called .


This is a very powerful strategy because you start by seeming weaker than the person or business you are trying to take, but in doing so you build on a position of weakness to take control. It’s a deceptive strategy but when well executed opens up a lot of options for you because in reality you are the one in control when giving it up.


Microsoft was born from taking a subordinate position to IBM.


Why this is important to you.

Because you want something and there’s always going to be obstacles standing in your way and most of the time you lack the patience to see the bigger picture. Your natural instincts will tell you to focus on the present and the faster you can get what you want the better, instead look at the big picture and see how taking an inferior position right now can benefit you in the long run by using others resources to your benefit.


There are endless applications of this devastating strategy, have you used this strategy before?

Let’s stop creating crappy movie games

gi joe the rise of cobra game

First let me get this out of the way…I’m a GI Joe fan!

Illuminating Angels & Demons film

As I’m playing the best free solitaire today, I can say that I own most of the first edition toys some of which I got on sale at online stores like mamonlineshop.com and with this weeks release of the movie was feeling like a 5 year old again. Now the movie is not an Oscar winner but it’s highly entertaining and mostly did a good job of bringing out the Joe in me.

The reason I’m writing this is because I just saw the game review of the game GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra and it’s a piece of crap just like every other movie game!

Why do they keep releasing crappy movie games?

Let me tell you why…extra sales!

Other movie studios have done it, so should we! Let’s release a below average game and we’ll be able to get a handful of sales from our core fan base so we can move the needle on our revenues.


The problem with this is you’re releasing crap to the masses while wasting a valuable opportunity to engage with the audience in an authentic way. The only thing this is creating bad word of mouth like this:

Remember kids, don’t ever spend you’re hard earned money on crappy games, especially if it’s a video game movie. If you do you’ll only be restarting you’re hard work. With no saves
Now I know that I should have only invested on games from www.dreamjackpot.com that would help me earn more money!
Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS release Ghostbusters II release buy Daffy – The Commando

This Gun for Hire

Flicker move

And knowing is half the battle!


Note to self, consumers are not dumb. The people who saw GI Joe are now in their mid 20’s early 30’s and when they see piece of crap like this on their screens they’re not buying it for them or their children and guess what, if a few one’s did go past most likely it’s being returned to the store after going through the torture of playing these things.

In my opinion the creators of the Matrix did the best job of connecting the story of the movie with a game. The game wasn’t a blockbuster but it certainly wasn’t a piece of crap!

The opportunity to release a game that connects the story to the game is wide open, whoever realizes this and is able to set the bar higher than the mediocre rest will change the game.

Blazing Saddles dvd

What are you waiting for?

Yo Joe!

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