How do we find game changing strategies?

It’s easy to spot game changing strategies from the likes of , , and . In a world of fast changing dynamics where before the next morning; strategies that change the rules of the game are difficult to find.

I would be surprised to find out that these companies came up with their game changing strategies after an all-hands-on-deck strategic planning session where they’re exploring growth opportunities. It could’ve come from a major brainstorming session to spot game-changing ideas but most often game changing strategy comes from an .

It comes from quickly spotting an opening, gaining a temporary advantage over the competitors and then building from this advantage a platform for combining advantages into a rule-changing strategy.

It comes from actively with the willingness to abandon past successes in the pursuit of something new and more exciting.

Most of all the companies that have redefined their respective industries adopted and and through a series of (experiments) ended up changing the rules of the game.

How else do we find game-changing strategies? What other patterns have you seen that lead to a rule changing strategy? Fire away!

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