What Bad Leadership Looks Like

“Tell him I get pissed off when someone makes a mistake.” I talk and coach people through situations, and this was recently relayed to me by someone who works for an asshole boss. The boss told my friend’s manager to let him know that he would get pissed off if he made mistakes.

The above example is another sign that someone has bad leadership skills; and is contributing to creating a toxic culture. It’s an example of how people have to work to please the boss; above all else.

A toxic culture is created when a leader, such as this person, uses threats to motivate; it doesn’t work. And, leaders who don’t encourage people to make mistakes aren’t worth following because they’re more concerned with maintaining the status quo.

Frankly, what this “leader” doesn’t understand about leading is that leadership is about empowering people; not controlling them.

For you, what matters is you’re going to suffer if you work in an environment where you have to please your boss; specifically if you want to grow and learn. Because growth only happens when you stretch, and you won’t grow if you work for a boss who threatens you.

Bottom line: Leaders who want their underlings to please them create a toxic culture; this is not leadership.

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