Without great leadership there is no innovation

jorge barba culture radio podcastWhat does a culture of innovation look like?

It’s a question I discussed on a previous blog post but elaborated further on the Culture Radio podcast by Be Furniture…

Culture for me is: what do we prize and what don’t we tolerate? So it’s behavioral. And if you don’t shape it at the beginning, you’ll end up with a culture that you don’t really want. It’s very hard to change it later on. So, taking that point of view, when you talk about innovation, well, number one is that innovation happens only when people are supported, when they’re given freedom and when they’re challenged.

Listen to the full interview, it’s one of the best I’ve given.

Bottom line: Without great leadership there is no innovation. Innovative leaders design a great culture that discovers ‘what’s next’ while also satisfying customers. 

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