Insights and steps for making innovation a larger part of your culture

Innovation can be taught. That is a given. But, just like everything else that matters, it takes work.

To give you an idea of hard it is, last night I had a few drinks with a couple of “politic helpers”, and they fully believed that innovation was advertising. How did they come to this conclusion? Because advertising to people gets you to buy.

No surprised.

That is a major obstacle one has to overcome in order to drive innovation: the mindset.

But, how about you? What do people in your organization believe innovation is? It is a very important question, and one that drives the potential narrative of your future efforts.

in the webinar below, three people from different industries, including non-profits, talk about how they drive innovation in their respective organization.

Adding Innovation to Your Organizational DNA from Spigit, Inc. on Vimeo.