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Hiring and managing for brilliance

Want game-changing ideas and execution? Hire misfits, weirdos, black sheep, difficult people who don’t fit into traditional roles because they are just brilliant. This isn’t a new idea, but when CEO’s say they want innovation, they don’t walk the talk by themselves; nor does human resources. Corporations aren’t recruiting enough weirdos:

Chief Error Generation Officer

Boss as CEGO-Chief Error Generation Officer. People learn ONLY from screwup-and-adjustment cycle; your role is to accelerate the process. — Tom Peters (@tom_peters) March 18, 2012 Awesome tweet by Tom Peters. It reminded me of the movie K-19 Widowmaker. There are a few scenes in the movie K-19 The Widowmaker, which stars Harrison Ford and […]

Innovation posts of the week: 10 innovation myths

GE’s Beth Comstock on What Design Can Do For Your Company Ten Innovation Myths – Scott Anthony – HBR Tom Peters – Innovation Comes from Dissatisfied People – Innovation Excellence Stop the Reckless Brainstorming and Focus your Creativity! – Innovation Management Booz: corporate culture is a key factor in successful innovation – Smart Planet If […]

What are your needs? Ask Twitter

Twitter is vast repository of information, conversations and individual thoughts. It’s hard to keep up and make sense of all of it but sometimes you get some concrete insights from people like Tom Peters telling you he’s underserved: