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Innovation is not a short game. It’s the art of playing the long game

Will this move the needle? What is the ROI? When will we see a return on our investment? How fast can you prove this will work? No, I wasn’t at a BIG company meeting when I heard these questions. I was at a Startup Weekend this past weekend, and the people asking these questions were [...]

To innovate better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission

Cultures of innovation are naturally dynamic. Employees think of new ideas and try them on the fly. Processes and procedures are fluid. There often is no one right answer to a problem, but rather experimentation drives many projects, efforts, assignments, and ultimately opportunities for improvement. With that said, in my neck of the woods, businesses [...]

The non-obvious innovation obstacle: charlatanism

No, we don’t need innovation offices or officers for our cities. Buzzword mania, and everyone wanting to be a part of the bandwagon make it a ignorant proposition. Most of the innovation offices want to resemble Silicon Valley, including its focus on technology. Remember, innovation isn’t just about tech. So, another tech center does not [...]

The case for continuous improvement

I think we can agree that continuous improvement is necessary for any kind of innovation. And, when you aim for continuous improvement, to the extreme, it is easy to notice those that don’t. Therefore, it also easy to notice strategies and approaches that won’t ignite innovation. Case in point: The local newspapers in Tijuana. Last [...]

Maximun productivity at coworking space IOS Offices

Fast Company recently published an article about the benefits of a coworking space. From experience, I have my office in mexican coworking space IOS Offices, I can tell you it is true. Especially the part of feeling more productive. Why that is? I have no data  to back it up, only how I feel while [...]

Poetic Action Movement in Tijuana

This is a guest post by my buddy Alejandra Lopez, @thisisallyg. Please watch the video at the end of this post. Finally, the project I’ve been doing for so long is finished! Let’s start this blog post with the day I was happily Tumblrin’ on Tumblr and suddenly I start to see all these pictures [...]

VIDEO: The Process of Animation by Walt Disney Studios and The Simpsons

Here is the video from the conference we held at our office two months ago. Edwin Aguilar, Assistant Director at The Simpsons, and Jose Zelaya, Character Designer at Walt Disney Studios, talk about the Process of Animation to a large audience at IOS Offices Tijuana.