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What a 16 year old magician can teach you about exceeding expectations

Imagine seeing an ad about a restaurant that makes fish tacos. Now imagine seeing a comment on Facebook from a friend about a restaurant he is at that not only sells fish tacos, but also poetically entertains you. And, next to that text is a picture of a hand written poem by the waiter that serviced him.

Which one makes you more curious?


Startup Weekend Tijuana 2

Get ready for Startup Weekend Tijuana 2

Startup Weekend Tijuana 2

This past May, I helped organize the first ever Startup Weekend in Tijuana. Because we had fun, was a great success and want to continue building momentum, today, I’m proud to announce that we are organizing yet another one in Tijuana.

Coinciding with Tijuana Innovadora, this time Startup Weekend Tijuana will be held at BIT Center.