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We need different kinds of Silicon Valley not more Silicon Valleys

Here in the mexican border city of Tijuana there’s been constant discussion about how to collaborate with our next door neighbor San Diego. I’ve actually been advocating for this myself by co-founding Startup Weekend here a few years ago and also by arranging partnerships with partners in San Diego and a client in Tijuana to [...]

3 reasons why clusters emerge

According to research by University of California, Berkeley economist Enrico Moretti, the author of The New Geography of Jobs, there are three reasons clusters emerge  (from Stanford Graduate School of Business):

The non-obvious innovation obstacle: charlatanism

No, we don’t need innovation offices or officers for our cities. Buzzword mania, and everyone wanting to be a part of the bandwagon make it a ignorant proposition. Most of the innovation offices want to resemble Silicon Valley, including its focus on technology. Remember, innovation isn’t just about tech. So, another tech center does not [...]

Are Startup Incubators too focused on Technology?

I tackled a similar question last year, but two articles I came across recently got me thinking. Are incubators worth the trouble for startups? But Vijayashanker took a pass. She’d noticed that many incubators focus heavily on technology development but didn’t teach the business skills she wanted to master. “I was talking to people who [...]

Innovation posts of the week: How Silicon Valley Innovates

Stop Inbreeding Innovation – HBR Revealed! Silicon Valley’s Secrets To Innovation Success – Forbes Seven Steps To Find Your “Uncommon Sense” – MIT Sloan Management Review The Innovation Knowing-Doing Gap – Innovation Management The Commoditization of Scale – HBR Why Youth Has an Advantage in Innovation & Why You Want To Be a Learn-It-All -  [...]

Ideas trump hierarchy

Yesterday I was having lunch with a buddy of mine who is looking to create a startup incubator in Tijuana. I told him that it seems to me that everyone wants to start an incubator nowadays as a good excuse for stimulating the economy. But more importantly, what nobody is asking themselves is: How do [...]