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radical is a matter of perception

Radical is just a matter of perception

radical is a matter of perception

What’s more radical, not getting married but live together, or getting married after knowing someone for 1 month?

What’s more radical, setting up a gym inside your company and paying employees to use it, or paying employee’s gym subscriptions outside the company?

What’s more radical, having two kids, or ten in the modern day?

What’s more radical, having a customer wait until you decide to serve them, or serve them when they want to?

What’s more radical, treating employees like cogs in a system and telling them what to do, or to make the right decision?

What’s more radical, designing products for people without asking them what they want (Apple), or doing what the customers asks (everybody else)?

You should never have to worry about…

Not having to worry about ‘x’ sounds too good to be true. Yet what if your value proposition was really focused on doing exactly that for customers or clients?

There aren’t a lot of companies ‘doing’ it so I was surprised to see what Box.net founder Aaron Levie said about his company’s intent:

“We’re moving toward a future where storage isn’t an issue,” Levie said. “You should never have to worry about how much storage you use.”

Take this example and apply it to something else. What if you never had to worry about having bad customer service? Ever! Wouldn’t that proposition really intrigue you? Of course it does.

Radicalize your strategy

Now apply it to your own offering. Think about an extreme version of your offering and stretch it to the point you may go bankrupt because you’ll be so focused on ‘eliminating worries’ that your customers will thank you for it!

Next, scale it back a little to the point where it generates interest and you can come up with ways to make it work.

Radical doesn’t mean risky, it means impact!

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