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As our decision making skills decline with age, how does it affect our ability to innovate?

*+-Much like corporations become slow and stagnant, our own skills decline as we age; unless we do something about it. Nowhere is this more apparent than in decision making…

Why don’t businesses experiment to drive innovation?

*+-There is no innovation without experimentation… A while back, Dan Ariely wrote a thoughtful column in the Harvard Business Review about why businesses don’t experiment:

5 toxic assumptions businesses make about people

*+-Though business leaders say they want innovation, the vast majority hate the concept of creativity. But as much as us innovators are fed up with this, the truth is that it isn’t the executives fault because people are wired to reject uncertainty; no matter how smart they appear to be. Fears and biases stand in […]

31 things you should know about me as a leader

*+-Self awareness, the one characteristic that can help you improve very fast. I consider myself quite self-aware, and last month I published a post where I laid out a simple tactic anyone can use to develop culture, think about it like a manual for me. It also laid out some accompanying examples from other people […]

What a 16 year old magician can teach you about exceeding expectations

*+-Imagine seeing an ad about a restaurant that makes fish tacos. Now imagine seeing a comment on Facebook from a friend about a restaurant he is at that not only sells fish tacos, but also poetically entertains you. And, next to that text is a picture of a hand written poem by the waiter that […]

Culture tells us what to do when the leader isn’t in the room

*+-Culture tells us what to do when the leader isn’t in the room. We’ve all heard this before, and being able to achieve this is one of the daunting challenges of leadership. It is not unusual to be in a strategy session and come up with all kinds of great quotes and soundbites, that are […]

What is the greatest impediment to creativity?

*+-Question-to-innovate Series: This the twentieth of a series of weekly posts where I will answer a few common questions about innovation. Please feel free to add your own response. Also, if you have any questions you think we should discuss, let me know. The greatest impediment to creativity is your impatience. Let me explain… Bravery […]