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Innovation posts of the week: Better ideas through failure

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Innovation posts of the week: Unpredictability is the new consistency

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How are you connecting the dots?

Connecting the dots. It’s all about connecting the dots. And it’s never been more important and more relevant than it is today in this information overload world we live in. Or is it?

I don’t claim to have all the answers on how to connect the dots but I recently received an interesting comment regarding this unknown activity and it got me thinking about it. My buddy basically says that those of us who engage in curation/filtering are crazy.


Because since we curate information that we find useful for others, we’ve got ideas to spare. We’ve got ideas about how to have ideas and then some.  And if you curate information about diverse topics, we have ideas about stuff that doesn’t make sense to the majority of people. And this makes others feel overwhelmed because we can criss-cross from one topic to another.

On that last point is where a lot of ‘dot connecting’ happens.

Innovation Posts of the week: Move with the speed of disruption

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Innovation posts of the week: What is a culture of innovation?

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Innovation posts of the week: 10 common innovation blunders

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Innovation posts of the week: How to Turn Great Ideas Into Great Products

Twelve Ways to Create Barriers to Competitors by @davidaaker

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