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Why deadlines impede innovation

*+-It’s almost impossible to come up with really innovative things when you have a deadline and schedule. It is no secret that constraints drive innovation. But what about deadlines? Deadlines, when managed well, can be a motivation–but when abused, can set you back. Here are a few things to consider before jumping on the “deadlines […]

Can employees learn to be innovative?

*+-There is a frenzy of discussion on the Front End Innovation LinkedIn group around the following question: can employees learn to be innovative? I think this a question many executives are asking themselves, and undoubtedly are looking for a silver bullet answer. My answer? First, let’s get a few things out of the way…

Four people we need to make innovation happen

*+-Innovation comes from diversity. From people colliding at the intersection of domains, ideas and experiences. In other words, we need to create a Renaissance! MIT Media Lab guru Joi Ito says we need to be all four of these people to make innovation happen. Or, if you are not a Renaissance Man, an innovation team […]

Innovation posts of the week: The Genius behind “Genius Lunches”

*+-Flipping Orthodoxies: Overcoming Insidious Obstacles to Innovation – Monitor The Surprising Benefits of Solitude – HBR What is the definition of “innovation”? by @ovoinnovation How Apple Disrupts Markets and then Goes on to Dominate by @timkastelle and @digitaltonto Why Is Diversity Vital For Innovation? – Forbes The genius behind “Genius Lunches” – Salon

Innovation posts of the week: How to use social media for innovation

*+-How to Use Social Media for Innovation – 11 Great Reads by @lindegaard The Innovating Power of Eight Words by @paul4innovating Inventing the Collaborative Workspace by @richardsona Enabling innovation and its implementation – Ivey Business Journal The Internet: Triumph or Tragedy of Innovation? – The Atlantic

Innovation posts of the week: Creative bias: A threat to corporate innovation

*+-Innovating in a Culture of Convergence – INC Magazine The Rise of Customer-Driven Innovation – Mashable Logic+Emotion: How To Innovate In Spite of Innovation by @armano The DNA of Innovation Leaders – Innovation Excellence Planning and vision vs Experimentation and adaptation via @ralph_ohr Creating Inspired, Open, and Free Organizations – HBR Creative bias: A threat […]

Innovation posts of the week: Unpredictability is the new consistency

*+-Business Innovation: Why It Is So Rare, So Prized And So Feared – Forbes The knowing-doing gap in innovation by @ovoinnovation IDEO: Big Innovation Lives Right on the Edge of Ridiculous Ideas – The 99 Percent Drop Innovation from Your Vocabulary – HBR Unpredictability is the New Consistency – FrogDesign You Can’t Analyze Your Way […]