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Your strategy should help tell a story

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A leader’s most important responsibility is identifying the biggest challenges to forward progress and devising a coherent approach to overcoming them. In contexts ranging from corporate direction to national security, strategy matters. Yet we have become so accustomed to strategy as exhortation that we hardly blink an eye when a leader spouts slogans and announces high-sounding goals, calling the mixture a “strategy.” –  Richard Rumelt

Strategy, strategy, strategy. It matters. Yet, most of the time, we get it wrong. Why? Let’s start with the basics…

One of the problems with implementing a strategy, is nobody cares about it. And the reason nobody cares, is because nobody understands it. And the reason nobody understands it, is because it isn’t clearly articulated. And a clearly articulated statement or name such as “low-cost airline”, will do wonders to help communicate your strategy.

Is the CEO responsible for product failure and wins?

Is the CEO responsible for product failure and wins?

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Scott Forstall, is apparently out of Apple because he didn’t want to apologize to the public for the whole maps and Siri mess. Products he was responsible for.

Why is this important? Are we seeing arguably “the most innovative company in the world” starting to implode in front of us?

I don’t think so. I think this move is a clarification of purpose. See, when you operate by a different set of beliefs established by a Heretic founder, purpose precedes being nice.