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Innovation must reads of the week: Ten Red Flags for Innovation

Ten Red Flags for Innovation: Why It Fails by @lindegaard Why Innovators Don’t Always Win – Forbes Crowdsourcing Innovation: How To Make Sure You Spot The Best Ideas – FastCoCreate The Four Worst Innovation Assassins – HBR Why You Won’t Get Breakthrough Innovation by Being Nice – HBR How to tell if you are an [...]

How do you come up with your best ideas?

The World Creativity and Innovation Week started yesterday. It will run from April 15 – 21. With that said, I thought it would be cool to do a series of posts answering some common questions about creativity and innovation. I will start by answering them myself and will appreciate it if you add your own thoughts [...]

Innovation must reads of the week: Achieving Successful Strategic Transformation

Want Breakthrough Ideas? First, Listen To The Freaks And Geeks – Fast Co Design Eureka moment: Does man or machine drive innovation? – BBC The Dangers of the Minimal Viable Product – HBR Compete on Know-Why, Not Know-How by @richardsona Adapting to Survive: The Key to Jugaad (and Other Styles of) Innovation by @frogdesign Achieving [...]

Crappy innovations make way for better innovations

Games. Mobile. Happiness. All three words are interconnected today. Over the weekend I read a fascinating article on the NYTimes about our addiction to Angry Birds, Zynga and other ‘Stupid Games’. These so called stupid games are considered innovative because they’ve made gaming accessible to casual gamers. People who never sat down and used a [...]

Innovation must reads of the week: The fallacy of the “rapid pace of innovation”

Should Failure Be Rewarded To Spur Innovation? – Slashdot Forbes Leadership Highlights of the Week: All About Innovation – Forbes The Role Imagination Plays In Innovation – Fast Company The Innovation Matrix Explained: Innovation Commitment by @timkastelle What Really Replaces Marketing (Madness) by @wimrampen The fallacy of the “rapid pace of innovation.” – Slate Magazine [...]

Instagram: Making the common, uncommon

I’m already late to the game with this post. But Instagram recently announced that their popular photo sharing app is now available for Android, so I just jumped in. I had not used Instagram until today so this is all new for me. Verdict: It’s addictive. What stands out for me is that something so simple [...]

Create for others or create for yourself?

Innovative Scandinavian born companies, like Linux and Skype, are inspired by a series of guiding ideals. They build products and services for the benefit of Society, not for their own individual gain. From the FastCoExist arcticle: The Nordic countries hold to an unwritten but deeply felt and practiced code called Janteloven or, in English, Jante law. [...]