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MBA in Curiosity

Last month I got invited to be part of a small group of Businessmen/Entrepreneurs/Consultants/CEO’s that meet once per month to talk about technology and innovation. We’re calling it Mix 2.0 for some reason. Our first meeting was Wednesday. We met at (ironically) Bar20 at VIA Corporativo, which is one floor beneath my office. There were [...]

3 cognitive limits we must overcome to think differently

Expertise is the enemy of innovation right? Yes, but even experts can think differently. And, there’s much to learn from them on how they are able to overcome their ‘know-it-all’ tendencies. Indeed, research into expertise and expert performance explains how great strategists use mental frames to break cognitive barriers that prevent others from seeing new [...]

Why creating new categories is so successful

Creating a new category. The Holy Grail of Innovation. The Holy Grail of entrepreneurs. It’s when you can create a new category that you command the skies. Think of the iPad. Is it a new category? It is. But not because people think it is, but because Apple defined it as such. Experts characterized the [...]

Innovation posts of the week: The Genius behind “Genius Lunches”

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This week’s innovation posts worthy of your attention: Do innovation Consultants Kill Innovation?

Great Products Are Nice. But Great Businesses Add Services To Them – FastCoDesign Don’t Relax Constraints, Embrace Them -  Forbes Don’t Think Different, Think About Different Things – HBR Multiple Use of the Business Model Canvas by @paul4innovating Four Ways You Can Be More Innovative by @timkastelle Should Innovation be “professionalized” by @ovoinnovation  

To innovate come up with your own unique WHY

Well, well, well. The truth speaks. It’s been over a week and my post on why ‘WHY?’ is the most important question you should ask is still getting a lot of attention. WHY am I not surprised Keith Bickel posted an interesting and important comment:

What can you do to improve your business in a day?

That is the question. That and what can you do better tomorrow that you did today? With that in mind, I’m organizing a Business Hack-a-Thon next month in my office building. It’s for us and everybody else in the building. I want everyone to come together and see different points of view. This is an [...]