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How to boost your creative capacity

Those of us in the innovation space know that to be creative, you need to be very diverse in your education and life experiences. Not only as a person, but also as an organization. Put simply, diversity breeds breakthroughs.

Innovation must reads of the week: Is innovation dead?

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When should you begin trend-spotting?

Most of the Innovation Consultants I know, advice businesses on doing trend-spotting as part of the innovation process. I also insist on doing the same because like creative thinking, I believe trendspotting isn’t a one time activity. It is not a “communicate and forget it” activity. It is an ongoing activity.

Innovation Must Reads of the week: The Hierarchy of Innovation

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What my Mom taught me about questioning assumptions

My Mom taught me to be neat. To keep things clean and organized. And for the most part, I’m like her. But one place where those lessons don’t take effect is in my propensity to keep every single printed receipt of things I buy. Not only that, but notes, biz cards, un-opened mail, and everything [...]

Innovation must reads of the week: Collaboration and innovation go hand-in-hand

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8 Lessons from Startup Weekend Tijuana

Startup Weekend Tijuana is in the books. This past weekend was fast paced and intense. Exciting. Almost 50 participants, 25 ideas, 8 projects and 3 winners. Two of them left the event with seed capital. Here are the projects: WachaBache. A mobile application to crowdsource the reporting of streets that have holes and make driving [...]