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Innovation must reads of the week: The Right Ideas in All the Wrong Places

This post from @andrewhargadon is right on the money: #Innovation, #Strategy, and your Innovation Strategy – bit.ly/XcXPFI — Ralph-Christian Ohr (@ralph_ohr) March 15, 2013 RT @sniukas: The Right Ideas in All the Wrong Places via @stratandbiz buzz.mw/-GLu_y #innovation — strategy+business (@stratandbiz) March 14, 2013   Interesting:Is The ‘Innovator’s Dilemma’ About To Get Disrupted By ‘Big […]

10 ways leaders can ignite innovation

Here is a short article I wrote for a Mexican Business Magazine that will be published in a few weeks. What would happen if your company could innovate consistently? This is a worthy challenge, and, one not many can meet. But, if you have the will and drive, you will. Innovation is the only source […]

Innovation must reads of the week: How to be the ‘disrupter’ and not the ‘disrupted’

New blog post: Strategy Outside the Zone of Mediocrity by Kevin Hendry buff.ly/XXCgZI — Tim Kastelle (@timkastelle) March 7, 2013 MIT Sloan’s Michael Schrage: Invest in Your Customers More Than Your Brand – @harvardbiz blogs.hbr.org/schrage/2013/0… — MITSloan ExecEd (@MITSloanExecEd) February 26, 2013 10 Things Every Leader Should Challenge – my latest column on @forbes: onforb.es/Zf3gr2#Leadership […]

Anyone can innovate, but not everyone can

Yes, anyone can. But now everyone can. Here’s why… It is very simple. First of all, to innovate, you need skill combined with will. The skills needed are very straight forward, to begin you need to identify a problem, understand it and then have access to people and information that can help you solve the […]

To foster innovation, what type of network do I need to create?

This the seventeenth of a series of weekly posts where I will answer a few common questions about innovation. Please feel free to add your own response. Also, if you have any questions you think we should discuss, let me know. One thing every innovator needs is access to people who can help him with […]

Ubiquitous leadership = ubiquitous innovators

Put simply, if a culture of leadership exists, a culture of innovation also exists. Why? Because the innovation challenge companies face is really a leadership problem. Being accountable for innovation means being accountable for value creation and customer satisfaction. Period. As I’ve argued before, it is ultimately the CEO/Leader who owns value creation. And, it […]

What it really means to be different

“Differentiation is not a tactic. It’s not a flashy advertising campaign; it’s not a sparkling new feature set. It’s not a laminated frequent buyer card or money-back guarantee. Differentiation is a way of thinking. It’s a mindset. It’s a commitment.” –  Youngme Moon Differentiation is a commitment to innovation. Period. The difference between a tactic […]