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Innovation must reads of the week: Innovation on the edges

[View the story "Innovation must reads of the week: Innovation on the edges" on Storify] Innovation must reads of the week: Innovation on the edges Storified by Jorge Barba · Sun, Jun 24 2012 01:18:07 10 Key Questions to ask if you are starting an #Innovation Initiative. http://tinyurl.com/7s6wj8a #mckinsey #gartner #KILNgreggfraley When I am asked [...]

Innovation = Creativity – Cynicism

What is the mathematics of innovation? Below is an excerpt from the book Emotional Equations by Chip Conley: Fear is the most prevalent and contagious emotion in most companies, especially in bad economic times. Fear is a demotivator, and it has a corrosive effect on creativity and innovation. If we were to transfer this equation [...]

Innovation must reads of the week: 3 innovation models

The only three innovation models you need by Follow @ovoinnovation Innovation Requires a Change in Behaviour by Follow @timkastelle How to build a culture of innovation–start by rewarding behaviors, not outcomes by Follow @sda22 5 Traits of An Organization Pretending to Innovate by Follow @drewcm The Difference between Strategy and Innovation by Follow @digitaltonto If [...]

Get good at learning to learn

The NBA Finals started yesterday. The young Oklahoma City Thunder versus the veteran Miami Heat. Who’s the favorite? The younger and inexperienced team, the Thunder, are favorite to win. How did they get to this point? How does a young and inexperienced team become a favorite to win a series against the likes of LeBron [...]

Innovation must reads of the week: Five Ways to Ruin Your Innovation Process

Why business needs people with Asperger’s syndrome, attention-deficit disorder and dyslexia – Economist Run a Disciplined Innovation Experiment – HBR Pollinators: The New Breed Of Innovators – Forbes Generosity, empathy, and disruption – Peter Rojas Are you too organized to be an innovator? – INC Five Ways to Ruin Your Innovation Process – HBR If [...]

How do you begin to develop an innovative mindset?

How do you take innovation into practice? It all starts with habits. And these habits, are not the ones you do on a daily basis. Spend 6 hours of your day in meetings? Putting out fires? Responding to excessive email? Obsessively checking up on competitors? Nope. Those are the habits that you have to replace [...]

3 common innovation mistakes—and how the intersection of customer experience and performance chains can better set you up to win

The hot topic these days is innovation, whether I’m in conversation with relative newcomers or long-tenured companies trying to reinvent themselves. Everything is moving so quickly in markets and inside businesses today. This forces the obvious question of ‘How best to get and stay ahead?’ Innovation invariably becomes the answer – but what kind? How [...]