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#innochat q&a summary: Overcoming innovation inertia

Any discussion on how to overcome the obstacles to innovation is always interesting. My “Law of Innovation Inertia” post generated some interest a few weeks ago, and was the main topic of yesterday’s #innochat. Here are the four questions we discussed about overcoming innovation inertia (with my own answers):

Join me on #innochat for a discussion about Overcoming Innovation Inertia

A few weeks ago, I published a post that got some decent reaction from peers. Titled “Law of innovation inertia“, I touched on the topic of copying approaches that have worked for other companies. My stance is that one should think for themselves, develop a point of view, and then look for ideas elsewhere based […]

The Customer Experience Advantage: Always be connecting dots

I once wrote about connecting the dots. But connecting the dots isn’t constrained to strategic thinking, it applies in every domain. For example, to read a person’s unspoken thoughts, you can read their body language. This takes some preparation, but it is really about connect the dots within a context. Taking this example further, the […]

5 innovation must reads of the week: Why bigger is no longer better

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Getting the small things right is a first step towards innovation

Nobody likes to be rejected. But, there are times when you know you’ve provided value by facilitating clarity. This happened to me recently… Last week I had a meeting with a very public mexican CEO, where we talked about innovation and its various forms. He clearly wants to innovate in various areas, but was honest […]

5 innovation must reads of the week: Innovation is not linear

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Strategy is hard. Innovation is harder

By now, you should know that I don’t sugarcoat it. No recipes, frameworks, or any other method with promises of a silver bullet. No BS here about how easy it is. With that said, here is another anecdote for you… Yesterday we visited a prospect, we talked about how we could help them make some […]