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What your startup makes should give your customer superpowers

One of the hardest things to do when defining what your business does is explaining it in the simplest of terms; the key challenge is distinguishing between features and benefits. The reason that this is so vitally important is that, in the words of User Onboarding: “People don’t buy products; they buy better versions of […]

Breaking the Mold, Rethinking How You Work with Customer

Sometimes, all a business needs to make more sales is to reach out to customers in innovative, creative, ways. A business that can fill a niche in new ways and do it with the utmost precision can set themselves apart from their competition. Here are four different ways that you can use to catapult your […]

Bottom-up innovation is the new normal

Any business model that hasn’t been disrupted by the internet yet will be. Why? Where before corporations “told” us what we need to use without our opinion, the internet has empowered us to create and become platforms. In essence, the internet has unleashed the democratization of ideas; bottom-up innovation.

What the leader of the future looks like

The leader of the future is very different than the one we are used to talking about. How so? Consider three things: The digitization of the enterprise; Women are leaving the workforce in droves to start their own businesses; Millennials have replaced boomers as the largest segment of the workforce.

A world without human drivers?

Bold visions of the future! Unfortunately, it isn’t business-as-usual. Still, there are some bold innovators who set out to change the world in radical and uncompromising ways. Imagine not having to get a driver’s license…ever. That might be possible if Google gets its way…

Tony Fadell: Stay a beginner to drive change

What’s the most powerful technique available to innovators? Observation. Tony Fadell, the creator of the iPod and Nest thermostat, shared his mantra for innovation at a recent TED conference: “It’s seeing the invisible problem, not just the obvious problem, that’s important,” Fadell said onstage. “There are invisible problems all around us. First we need to […]

To create a successful business, you sometimes have to break rules. But which ones?

Which rules should we break, but won’t bring our business down if we do? This is a question that not too many businesses ask themselves but should. The simplest answer is to kill some stupid rules, the ones that no one has questioned because “that’s just the way we do things here”; break those and […]