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Law of innovation inertia

Imagine if two people were given the same slides, reports, diagrams and the like, and were told to craft a unique strategy for the company. To do that, both would be put in separate rooms where they will be given 4 hours to work. After the 4 hours, both people come out from their respective [...]

Three forces needed for innovation to happen

  How does innovation happen? For me, it starts with the individual and organizations ability to detect and conceive ideas, the organizational structure needed to execute on those ideas and lastly, the market has to be ready to accept those ideas. Here’s how Mr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger puts it:

5 Innovation must reads of the week: Can innovation actually be measured?

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Innovation must reads of the week: Five ways to innovate faster

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If you don’t like how things are done, tell a different story

A typical marketing and sales person recently asked me why I don’t place ads on my blog to generate additional revenue. Being that this blog gets between 6K – 9K visits/month, I’m in a very good position to do so (I have gotten requests from companies to place ads). But, I don’t want to place [...]

Innovation book review: The Innovation Expedition by @gijsvanwulfen

There are a multitude of innovation books that are either published or are going to be published with something along the lines of  “innovation lessons from ___fill in the blank with a famous person’s name___”. These are typical books that provide tips and principles to follow. Nothing wrong with that, except that there are too [...]

Bamf! Nice try but you took us a step back with Mexico’s new brand identity

So, here is Mexico’s new brand identity. Personally, I don’t like it. The previous identity communicated much more of what Mexico is about. This one, while very clear and simple, does not. The video below is in Spanish, and, for the purpose of perception, that makes it a good test. Watch it, and ask yourself: [...]