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Deadly innovation sin: Believing process will save you

*+-Inside established organization innovation is killed before it even gets a chance to make its case. The reasons are many, and while there are many Sins of innovation,from my POV the one that kills most projects focused on transformational outcomes are ones where there needs to be a fixed “process” for achieving those outcomes.

Innovation needs outsiders. Here’s how to source them

*+-The most interesting ideas, the ones that span boundaries, are found and at the intersection of domains. This isn’t a new insight, but it is one that is rarely taken into account inside most businesses. True to form, established businesses suffer from the Curse of Knowledge: I already know what I need to know. The […]

Are you a Chief Idea Killer?

*+-Much of what we think stands in the way of innovation is in our control: our attitude. In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way; that’s an attitude most traditional organizations don’t have. I’ve made reference to this fact quite a bit in the past, and […]

For our youth to thrive, it matters how we teach them to view failure

*+-During our discussion about The Future for Youth, one of the main points we touched on was “risk aversion”. And though we see a trend towards more entrepreneurs, the truth is many of them are not entrepreneurs. Why? Because most entrepreneurs fail and leave it at that. But real entrepreneurs view failure as a prerequisite […]

Any business that has not yet been totally disrupted by the existence of the internet will be

*+-The internet, arguably the greatest invention of all time, is just starting to shape our world. New ventures are dreamed up every day to take advantage of it’s power, and legacy businesses are being disrupted because of it; the business world has been reshaped and redrawn since the inception of the internet. What does this […]

For innovators ignorance is an asset

*+-Most every business that I’ve consulted for asks me a variation of the same question: how can we innovate? Unfortunately, that’s the wrong question to ask. The correct question is: what’s currently stopping us from innovating?

What To Look For In An Innovation Partner

*+-If you’re a successful company, you’re probably not used to innovation. You’re used to being good at what you do, and that’s the opposite of innovation. Smart innovation that evolves a new and marketable product often requires an innovation partner. There are a lot of reasons for that. But they boil down to a deceptively […]