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All Innovators Work From Failure

without experimentation there is no innovation

The work of innovation – whether you’re doing R&D, creating a breakthrough, pursuing a disruptive strategy or sustaining your core – is not business as usual. It doesn’t work in a straight line, and the more radical the project the more uncertainty there is. This is more evident in domains where lives are at stake; such as medicine.

When A Focus On Short-term Results Kills Innovation

 short-termism is the enemy of innovation

Why do established businesses fail? Because they miss the future. And what contributes to them missing the future? Many things, among them is a focus on maintaining the status-quo while avoiding uncertainty.

Here’s a short story of how innovation dies inside established organizations that have a short-term results focus…

How Do You Ensure Your Culture Keeps Driving Innovation?

Innovation is addition by subtraction

Organizations don’t resemble their early years as they become successful and establish themselves. They shift from playing to win to a playing not to lose mindset. The organization matures and puts more effort into short-term thinking and maintaining the status-quo; they put more focus on protecting and maintaining what they have.