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Innovation must reads of the week: Ten Red Flags for Innovation

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Innovation must reads of the week: Age of Disruption?

There were a lot more interesting reads this week, check out my Delicious bookmarks on Innovation for more.


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From periodic innovation to relentless innovation

How can your company become a relentless innovator? How do you sustain innovation over long periods of time like Apple, 3M and Google?

Jeffrey Phillips of Innovation Consultancy OVO, persuasively writes that the way to create a sustainable innovation capability in large organizations is by turning what keeps your wheels running, middle management, into innovation Champions.

Not easy. But that’s the main premise of the book. And it is this reason alone why I think this is a must read book. While there are other authors who have touched on the topic of management as an inhibitor to innovation, Jeffrey really goes a lot deeper.

Other books on innovation either deal with the pretty part of ideation or they’re all over the place. Relentless Innovation is easy to read with many interesting case studies and practical advice. This is a very focused book and addresses the ‘how’ to create culture of innovation within a large and complex organization.

Innovation posts of the week: How to use social media for innovation

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How to manage through disruption

Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe, interviews Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia.

Mr. Elop has some great thoughts about innovation and about managing through disruption. It’s interesting because both of them worked at Macromedia before it was bought by Adobe. If you remember well, Macromedia used to make authoring tools for CD-Rom’s back in the day before the internet existed.

They saw that the internet was a potentially disruptive force that would undermine their business and so they had to make decisions on where to focus and place their bets. Their bet was Flash and they put all of the resources behind it. Flash went on to become the leading platform for creating dynamic content on the web.

Innovation posts of the week: 10 innovation myths

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Innovation posts of the week: Anticipate what’s next