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Change will happen whether you like it or not

Companies are still scrambling with the rise of social networks like Twitter. If people think you suck they’ll gladly express themselves and let everyone else who listens to them. Oh and by the way, this happens in real-time. This is the type of change most companies have not embraced. But you know what, this change […]

You have to set aside time to innovate

So you want big ideas, ideas that others have used that you can plug and play and voila you’re in the game but are not willing to do the soft work. The work that the ‘thinkers’ should do, the work that gives you headaches because you have to use your brain. Sorry to break it […]

Must read innovation posts of the week: Don’t innovate. Just be better

Good beats innovative. I agree with this statement. You don’t really say ‘there’s a more innovative way’, you say ‘there’s always a better way’. As Scott Berkun says:   Instead of asking "How can we be innovative?", a toothless and vague question with mostly useless answers, we should be asking "How can we make great […]