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Top 20 Innovation posts of the week: Smartfailing

Thanks to all the people who share links there was lots of content this week so the list ended up being longer than usual, all worth reading.


  1. Smartfailing – a new concept for learning through failure by
  2. – NY Times
  3. Sometimes Success Begins at Failure — HBS Working Knowledge via
  4. Survey Reveals Corporations With Centralized Innovation Departments More Likely to Have Focused Efforts via  
  5. Ideas are far more glamorous compared to the actual execution: Vijay Govindarajan via    
  6. The efficient use of ideas by
  7. Managers who understand how artists work will have a distinct advantage via  
  8. Idea Deficit Disorder – Stopping the Epidemic by
  9. Innovation ‘ s Biggest Paradox
  10. Try Something New: Experiments Can Lead to Success by
  11. Innovators field guide to finding unmet customer needs
  12. Quarterly Earnings Kill People-Based Innovation… – Fast Company
  13. The Idea or The Execution? Here’s What The Greatest Minds in Tech Say
  14. Beyond Stage-Gate: A new approach for innovation by
  15. Six Secrets to Creating a Culture of Innovation – HBR
  16. Innovation & the Status Quo: The perils of groupthink, stereotyping and system justification by
  17. Getting Down to the Business of Creativity — HBS Working Knowledge
  18. Creativity Matters by
  19. True Leaders Are Also Managers by
  20. ‘Ideacide’ (or 14 Ways to Kill Creativity) – OPEN Forum

Innovation posts of the week: Innovation is not creativity

Innovation posts of the week: Innovation is everyone’s business

Want new ideas? Expose yourself to new stuff

The brain that doesn’t feed itself eats itself.’ –  Gore Vidal


To get new ideas, and break out from your normal routine. This is a creativity and innovation expert’s battle cry, often repeated but rarely practiced. It seems to me that some people are just naturally more curious than others BUT I do think we can help others become more curious.

And the best thing about it is it’s really easy!

It’s never too late to break out

We now live in a world where ‘there’s a lot more of everything’ and a lot less of anything worthy, it’s even more present in the world of web design. As digital tools become more ubiquitous, anybody can have a website now for free through services like WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr and countless others, and a website that has a personality (not just content) is sure to stand out. As an example, if you are a doctor then you can grow your practice through digital marketing and applying some out of box ideas to reach your target audience.

I was going through my daily ritual of browsing through Popurls and found a post on which totally blew my mind away. I wasn’t really looking for a specific post on blog design but just the ACT of browsing Popurls I was exposed to the idea of reimagining the post section of a blog which is now becoming a commodity as I mentioned above.

And that’s the point: To get new ideas you might never have thought of, expose yourself to things you normally wouldn’t pay attention to.

All you need to start is Popurls

I’ve given you a quick and easy way to find ideas:

  1. Set Popurls as your home page for the next week and just browse through the links. Most of the stuff there might not appeal to you at the beginning, but don’t judge, just browse and let go and you’ll find stuff you might not have thought off and it might produce and idea in your head.

That’s it, do this daily. Once you’ve done this for a week or so head over to Alltop and browse through the ‘interests’ section, I guarantee your brain is going to light up like the Xenon lights on your BMW!

Feed your head

On our quest to become creative thinkers we need to read new information and ideas to feed our minds so remember: Expose your brain to things you normally wouldn’t pay attention to.

Where do you get new ideas from? Share your secrets!

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For breakthrough ideas read the unreadable


Chaos, where brilliant dreams are born.

Do you ever get this feeling that when you read the same stuff over and over and then you try to read something completely unrelated you become bored very easily? Well that’s a very bad problem to have if you want to get into the business of ‘doing innovation’ because breakthrough ideas rarely come from looking in the same place.

You want some new ideas everyday? Read stuff that’s unrelated to your field. John Jantsch calls this ‘’ and he’s right, the best ideas come from the intersection between ideas from different domains.

14 Ways to Get Breakthrough Ideas

Excerpted from , which I recommend you read, 14 ways to get breakthrough ideas:

A Few Good Men dvdrip

18 Year Old Virgin download

Genova release

Ready or Not trailer


  1. Follow your fascination
  2. Immerse
  3. Tolerate ambiguity
  4. Make new connections
  5. Fantasize
  6. Define the right challenge

  7. Listen to your subconscious
  8. Take a break
    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen divx
  9. Notice and challenge existing patterns and trends
  10. Hang out with diverse groups of people
  11. Brainstorm
  12. Look for happy accidents
  13. Use creative thinking techniques
  14. Suspend logic

A Fish Called Wanda movie