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You can’t change the world if you haven’t seen the problem

From 6 lessons on innovation from Bill and Melinda Gates:

You can’t conceptualize and find the solution for a problem you have never experienced or witnessed. The couple reckon that in order to truly be innovative you have to look at the problem and witness the suffering the problem causes.

Bingo! Innovation always starts with empathy.

What is empathy?

What is empathy?


What happens is that you get some very abstract conversations about what empathy is, nevertheless it is an interesting and important topic. Featuring Dr. Marco Iacoboni, Dr. Mary Hellen Immordino-Yang, Dr. Robert Weller, Dr. Adam Seligman, Leslie Jamison and Ben Doepke & the SEEK company.

Innovation starts with needs but it doesn’t end there

Businesses, either new or “me-too’s”, set out to fulfill a need in the marketplace. Whoever fills this need in a better way, usually is rewarded with profits for a long time. But, profits does not a sustainable company make. Though this particular story I’m about to tell you doesn’t talk about billions of dollars in revenue being evaporated, it does touch on the illusion of customer loyalty.

About 5 years ago, I started advising and then joined a celebrity baby clothing startup called Tuni&G.

This is empathy: The best innovators live in their customers shoes

What is the most important innovation technique available to an innovation practitioner?

In my opinion, of all the innovation techniques available to an innovation practitioner, entrepreneur, marketer or business leader none is more important than getting out on the field and observing people in their domains.

That is what I wrote a few months back. Well guess what? I’m writing about it again, because it is that important. And it is not common to see someone take this principle to the extreme.

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The Eight Emotional Barriers to Creativity and Innovation via @prwpmp
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Innovation starts with empathy

colours of the wind

Innovation always starts with empathy


A recent article on Fast Co. Design ‘Innovation always starts with empathy‘ got me thinking about empathy and for some reason I remembered the above text from Colours of the wind from Disney’s Pocahontas.

It’s telling because it seems that just like when the settlers arrived in North America to take over without caring about the people already there, organizations do the same by pushing products to people without thinking if they will actually matter to them.

Empathy with the user is a powerful tool for innovation. It gives you insight into the problem, but even more important, it makes you care about the outcome.

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