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Creativity Inc.: what it takes to build and sustain a culture of excellence

Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull is a humble look at what it takes to build and sustain a culture of excellence, one that embraces originality in its truest form.

Start great, end epically

People have short-term memory, so we tend to only remember the end of an experience. This is a critical insight for experience innovators (aren’t we all?), because we don’t take the time to take a step back and look at the big picture.

What’s the best way to manage creative personalities at work?

Fight with them. Not against them. That’s how. These days, we are in serious need of creative firepower. And for all the startup incubators that are popping up everywhere, there still seems like creativity is a scarce resource. For me, creative personalities are passionate people who are not happy with the way things are and […]

Who’s on your Most Wanted Client List?

This is a shout out for B2B companies. The F.B.I. has the list of the 10 Most Wanted Criminals in the World. What if professional services companies had their own 10 Most Wanted Customer List? Heck, why don’t you have one already? Who do you wish to serve?

Empathy drives experience innovation

Innovating an experience improves or reinvents the customer experience in the purchase or usage of a product or service.