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Daydreaming: Imagining Creates Reality

Imagining creates reality

Ilustration by Christian Laborin

We live in a society that values and rewards efficiency over creativity. Yet, the tasks that lead to efficiency are slowly being taken over by robots and bots leaving us humans to do things that are not repetitive in nature. As this happens, we’ll have more time to do what leads to creativity: daydreaming.

And while this may sound like fun, in this day in age, daydreaming gets a bad rap; often seen as frivolous and waste of time. Those of us who are called dreamers get criticized for spending too much time in our heads and not a lot on actually doing. And while some of it might be true, we’re simply misunderstood for daydreaming holds great power and benefits over the long run for both people and the organizations they work for.

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Disconnect to reconnect: Important creative habit

terraza en via corporativoAlthough I believe my ability to retain information is pretty good, in recent weeks I’ve felt like it’s been challenged. So, I decided to disconnect from the one source that provides me with most of my information on a daily basis: Twitter.

Information is coming at us from every angle and our cognitive abilities are being challenged by this fast moving world. This makes it very difficult to focus. But focus doesn’t mean paying attention to every single tweet you see, it means disconnecting from it all.

I like to do this at least a few days a month and just slow my mind down. Daydream a little bit and get productive.

Disconnect and let all that information simmer in your head for a little bit. Disconnect at least 15 minutes every day by going to that quiet corner in your office. Go to the park (it there’s one close) to stop thinking about it all.

I go to the top of my office building.

The above picture is from the top of my office building. We have a large terrace at the top which has a suspended running track. That’s right a running track. I use it to walk and take it all in.

It’s beautiful!

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How to daydream productively

“I don’t have time to think about this right now, I need to get things done.”

How often do you hear this everyday?

I was recently reminded of the importance of having “thinking time”, reflecting on what you’re doing instead jumping straight to execution.

Having time to think about a problem your trying to solve often takes the back seat to execution, but often the to that problem is to stop thinking about it and “”.

Satan’s Little Helper film

When I was a young boy my parents sent me to the course (best investment ever!), and one of the things I was taught was the importance of letting your mind rest. According to our instructor back then, our brain makes the most connections when we’re sleeping and therein lies new solutions to problems.

There is a technique that we were taught for getting our brains into , a state similar to sleep called the 3 to 1 technique.

Your first start by getting comfortable and closing your eyes, take a deep breath and when exhaling in your mind repeat the number 3 three times and relax your body.

Prague Duet buy Do the same for numbers 2 and 1 and this will put your mind in a very relaxed state where all you’ll hear is the sound of the air in your lungs. 

I’ve found that this technique is also great for taking 15 minute power naps which are great after lunch. 

Hopefully you’ll find this helpful.

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