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How to have great ideas without having to smoke weed

Catchy title huh? I’m not much about celebrating milestones but this is the 400th post in the history of this blog. That’s a lot of writing. So to celebrate the occasion, I thought I change it up a little bit. Last week a buddy of mine told me that for him to be able to [...]

Innovation posts of the week: Fire all the managers

Is Inertia Winning Over Innovation? – Fast Company 8 Secrets To Creative Thinking (Hint: Steal From Others) – FastCo Design First, Let’s Fire All the Managers – HBR A One-Two Punch to Foster Creativity – Strategy+Business The 3 Biggest Barriers To Innovation, And How To Smash Them – FastCo Design Building an Integrated Innovation Capability [...]

Are You Indispensable at Work?

This is a guest post by Robert B. Tucker In a time of economic disruption, unprecedented downsizings, budgetary cutbacks and the constant pressure to outsource more and more routine functions (and the employees who perform them), advice on professional survival always seems to convey the same tired message: Be visible. Don’t make enemies. Brown nose [...]

Innovation posts of the week: Breakthrough’s don’t pay

Clay Christensen: 5 observations on innovation – SmartPlanet Want To Upend An Entire Industry? Change Its Revenue Stream – FastCo Design Five Reasons Companies Fail at Business Model Innovation  by @skap5 Breakthroughs Don’t Pay: Excerpt from Sidestep and Twist by @bankervision Innovation: What’s New? – Forbes Does Innovation Need to Be Disruptive to Make an [...]

Innovation posts of the week: Creative bias: A threat to corporate innovation

Innovating in a Culture of Convergence – INC Magazine The Rise of Customer-Driven Innovation – Mashable Logic+Emotion: How To Innovate In Spite of Innovation by @armano The DNA of Innovation Leaders – Innovation Excellence Planning and vision vs Experimentation and adaptation via @ralph_ohr Creating Inspired, Open, and Free Organizations – HBR Creative bias: A threat [...]

Innovation posts of the week: Anticipate what’s next

Meet Your New Sales Force: Consumers – Businesweek How the idea of ideas is killing innovation – Venture Beat Managing The Psychological Bias Against Creativity – Forbes 10 Clues to Opportunity – Strategy+Business Proof That Diversity Drives Innovation Anticipate What’s Next – Innovation Excellence

Creative thinking is not a one time activity

Late last year, in response to an article that stated that you need to stifle your creativity in order to get promoted, I argued that you needed to become a credible innovator to cut through the smoke and keep those objections at bay. Now, new research further indicates that people are biased against creative ideas. [...]