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What’s the best way to manage creative personalities at work?

Fight with them. Not against them.

That’s how.

These days, we are in serious need of creative firepower. And for all the startup incubators that are popping up everywhere, there still seems like creativity is a scarce resource. For me, creative personalities are passionate people who are not happy with the way things are and that not afraid to stir the pot. And, if your culture’s values are based on combining imagination with execution excellence, you can’t expect creatives to change their ways.

What if you looked for “what not to do” ideas?

We LOVE to follow in the footsteps of other people who have been there and done that. It’s easier. It’s practical. We get this type of information from books and/or biographers.

But what book authors and biographers rarely mention, is all the mistakes that lead that specific person or company to all their successes. Nobody likes to make mistakes, and nobody likes to talk about them. Yet, that is where all the “lessons of success” are.

Of course, looking at the bright spots is a good idea. I’m not arguing that. But how about also looking at the reversal. More than looking for good ideas, I look for “what not to do ideas”. The ones that “impede progress”. I stay clear of those.

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How do you come up with your best ideas?

The World Creativity and Innovation Week started yesterday. It will run from April 15 – 21. With that said, I thought it would be cool to do a series of posts answering some common questions about creativity and innovation.

I will start by answering them myself and will appreciate it if you add your own thoughts with a comment.

First up, how do you come up with your best ideas?

terraza en via corporativo

Disconnect to reconnect: Important creative habit

terraza en via corporativoAlthough I believe my ability to retain information is pretty good, in recent weeks I’ve felt like it’s been challenged. So, I decided to disconnect from the one source that provides me with most of my information on a daily basis: Twitter.

Information is coming at us from every angle and our cognitive abilities are being challenged by this fast moving world. This makes it very difficult to focus. But focus doesn’t mean paying attention to every single tweet you see, it means disconnecting from it all.

I like to do this at least a few days a month and just slow my mind down. Daydream a little bit and get productive.

Disconnect and let all that information simmer in your head for a little bit. Disconnect at least 15 minutes every day by going to that quiet corner in your office. Go to the park (it there’s one close) to stop thinking about it all.

I go to the top of my office building.

The above picture is from the top of my office building. We have a large terrace at the top which has a suspended running track. That’s right a running track. I use it to walk and take it all in.

It’s beautiful!

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Instagram: Making the common, uncommon

peter pan iosI’m already late to the game with this post. But Instagram recently announced that their popular photo sharing app is now available for Android, so I just jumped in. I had not used Instagram until today so this is all new for me.

Verdict: It’s addictive.

What stands out for me is that something so simple and common as taking and sharing pictures, turns into something really fun.

And that’s the secret.