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To create, a person must…

The Paradoxes of Creativity posted on Google+ by creativity expert Roger Von Oech which state that to create, a person must: Have knowledge but forget the knowledge. See unexpected connections in things but not have a mental disorder. Work hard but spend time doing nothing. Create many ideas yet most of them are useless. Look at the same thing as everyone else, yet see something different. Desire success but learn how to fail. [...]

Innovation posts of the week: How to think like an innovator

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The simple half step principle for innovation

For innovation think big but not too big. Eliminate complexity, experiment and combine ideas to find the simple half step solution.

Laughter sets your mind free

The point of proposing outlandish ideas that make people laugh is to stretch people’s minds. To set your mind free and the creative juices going.

Innovation posts of the week: From robust to resilitent innovation

Do we need more resilient innovation management processes?

Do you love creating?

For me it’s not so much about creating, what matters to me is making a meaningful impact. Period. If no meaningful impact is delivered, it’s a failure.

Innovation posts of the week: How to Build an Innovation Ecosystem

It’s critical to have interconnected communities to spur innovation