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Innovation posts of the week: Breakthrough’s don’t pay

Clay Christensen: 5 observations on innovation – SmartPlanet Want To Upend An Entire Industry? Change Its Revenue Stream – FastCo Design Five Reasons Companies Fail at Business Model Innovation  by @skap5 Breakthroughs Don’t Pay: Excerpt from Sidestep and Twist by @bankervision Innovation: What’s New? – Forbes Does Innovation Need to Be Disruptive to Make an [...]

Innovation posts of the week: Creative bias: A threat to corporate innovation

Innovating in a Culture of Convergence – INC Magazine The Rise of Customer-Driven Innovation – Mashable Logic+Emotion: How To Innovate In Spite of Innovation by @armano The DNA of Innovation Leaders – Innovation Excellence Planning and vision vs Experimentation and adaptation via @ralph_ohr Creating Inspired, Open, and Free Organizations – HBR Creative bias: A threat [...]

Innovation posts of the week: Anticipate what’s next

Meet Your New Sales Force: Consumers – Businesweek How the idea of ideas is killing innovation – Venture Beat Managing The Psychological Bias Against Creativity – Forbes 10 Clues to Opportunity – Strategy+Business Proof That Diversity Drives Innovation Anticipate What’s Next – Innovation Excellence

Creative thinking is not a one time activity

Late last year, in response to an article that stated that you need to stifle your creativity in order to get promoted, I argued that you needed to become a credible innovator to cut through the smoke and keep those objections at bay. Now, new research further indicates that people are biased against creative ideas. [...]

Innovation Posts of the week: Move with the speed of disruption

The top 10 ways to get your team to contribute the best ideas – Front End Innovation Blog Five Lessons to Boost Your Innovation Practices – Innovation Management Getting to Eureka!: How Companies Can Promote Creativity – HBS Working Knowledge Why You May Be Blind to a Good Idea (and What to Do About It) [...]

The new logic of innovation

Apparently there is a food truck trend happening in the U.S. and everybody is talking about it. To me what’s funny is that in Mexico, food trucks are a street corner staple. We like to say that for every Starbucks that exists we have 20 times more food trucks on every other corner of every [...]

How diversity helps break linear thinking in your innovation team

I’m not so sure if I should write this post. It contains an email with some info that is best to keep private. But I just can’t contain myself as it’s a visceral example of why having a diverse set of people with different backgrounds, education and mental models makes your team more likely to [...]