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10 books about innovation I recommend you read

Like other people who write about, consult on , and do innovation, I get asked about books a lot. There are the basics you want to read like Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Peter Drucker, The Innovator’s Solution, Crossing the Chasm and others. I tend to want to read books that have more unconventional ideas in […]

Engage in sci-fi thinking to understand what makes people tick

Last week I gave a workshop on how to mine social networks for insights. I used Facebook’s Fan Pages as a use case. Many of the participants were surprised as they didn’t visit Fan Pages and thought most were spammy. They also said they didn’t like it when brands suddenly went off topic because businesses […]

To innovate: Steal don’t imitate

Stealing to innovate requires piecing together different elements to create something new. The What Works Matrix helps you find different combinations in a practical way.

Use constraints to fuel your creativity

Constraints help you focus on what matters. Recent research says that the best approach to innovate is scarcity.

On starting from scratch

The most creative strategists stand out not because they have more knowledge but because they are able to drop their preconceived notions and focus intensely on the present moment.

Innovation posts of the week: The Innovation Matrix

The Innovation Matrix is a sketch by Tim Kastelle that helps explain how organizations get better at innovation

Remove the associative barriers that hinder new ideas

Image via Wikipedia Last week I mentioned that the number one creative skill you need to master is the ability to free associate, to make connections between dissimilar things. I just stumbled into Ellen Di Resta’s post on the innovator’s perception where she probes further into the concept to which I left a comment: