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Another reason why benchmarking against competitors is stupid

When everyone is emulating #1, the result is more of the same.

For innovation firepower turn weakness into strength

To be built to last is to be built to change, and that only happens by continuously improving what you’re good at and relentlessly working on turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Don’t waste people’s time. Help them do more

The gap between what is right now and where others are become very obvious when you go from one extreme to another. This past week I spent a little time with a friend I’ve known since kindergarten as he just opened a restaurant in Mexico and I went over to see how he was doing. […]

Make your own game

Here’s my latest post on @Oninnovation: Make your own game  Enjoy! The essence of strategy is choosing to perform activities differently than rivals do; and the most vital competitive weapon is not lower price, but new ideas. Across the border in Mexico, we  have a taco shop in every corner. They all sell the same […]

Must read innovation stories of the week: creating sustainable competitive advantage

How do you win in the marketplace? Seth Godin argues that creating a sustainable competitive advantage can take many forms: own something that’s hard to copy, creating a brand, creating a network where most of the power rests on you, creating switching costs and building a culture that’s innovative. What Really Kills Great Companies: Inertia […]

Weekend innovation tip: competitive advantage is temporary

To stay relevant in a competitive world, we must act as though today’s advantage will be gone tomorrow. Everybody wants to be the player that has it all figured out, the one that stays competitive in changing times, the one that stays ahead of the game and redefines the game for everyone else. These players […]

Conventions are made to be challenged

Are you the underdog? Malcolm Gladwell has written a insightful article on competitive strategy,on how David beats Goliath by challenging the conventions of how battles are supposed to be fought. Using examples from basketball, military war games and anecdotes of military history, Gladwell exposes ways that inferior teams have used unconventional tactics to break the […]