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Customers will replace R&D as the main source of new ideas

*+-According to a new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, titled The next decade of Technology in Business,  business leaders believe their companies customers will replace R&D as the main source of new product and service ideas by 2020.

Innovation posts of the week: Are you improving or innovating?

*+-Are you improving or innovating? Knowing the difference between improvement and innovation is critical.

Innovation posts of the week: How to disrupt your industry

*+-How do you develop Ideas That Will Disrupt Your Industry? Is creativity innovation? How do you combat cannibalization?

A lesson in co-creation

*+-Felt like writing this post because I think it’s pretty awesome.   I use Evernote religiously so I was ecstatic to hear that CEO Phil Libin was going to be answering people’s questions on the EN blog today. Why do this? To improve the product of course. Evernote has some pretty passionate fans (including me!) […]