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The best leaders are pattern thinkers

Look at any of the top innovative businesses in the world and you will see that it is driven by an innovative leader. So I was not surprised that yesterday's post, 5 future-proof questions to ask people in the know, resonated with you. Jack Martin … [Read more]

5 future-proof questions to ask people in the know

Leaders should always be asking themselves What's new?, What's next? and What's better?; that's where the future is. And we can take deliberate steps to answers those questions... … [Read more]

How do you teach an old industry new tricks?

A good mantra for teaching an old industry new tricks is: make the common uncommon. … [Read more]

Enthusiasm drives employee engagement…and innovation

As much talk and attention innovation gets, the topic of employee engagement isn't far behind. And with good reason, the latest report from Gallup concluded that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Damn! But Gallup also points out … [Read more]

Just a little bit better doesn’t delight customers, it puts them to sleep

Let's be competitive on price and offer just a little bit of better service... I heard an on the ground salesperson say that on a call last week. I later told the CEO about it and let him know what I thought about "just a little bit". Below is an … [Read more]

Are radical business concepts the result of luck or foresight?

Where do radical business concepts come from? Luck or foresight? … [Read more]

Interview: My thoughts on the power of innovation

A few months ago I was interviewed by Media Shower about my thoughts on innovation. Here are the questions and my answers about the origin of the Game-Changer blog, my background, how companies can foster free thinking and the development of new … [Read more]