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What needs to happen for there to be more innovation and startups in LatAm?

Yesterday I watched a panel of LatAm entrepreneurs, advocates and venture capitalists discuss "what needs to happen for there to be more innovation and startups in LATAM?" through Google Hangout. The panelists were: … [Read more]

How to think what no one else thinks

Want to think what nobody has ever thought? Easy, question assumptions. There comes a moment in time where everyone agrees with everybody about pretty much everything. For any sized organization that are focused on creating a culture of relentless … [Read more]

Don’t be the best, be the only one

A couple of weeks ago I asked if corporates really want to innovate like startups. One of the obstacles corporates have towards innovating like startups is overcoming their myopic view of competition: me-too-ism. … [Read more]

Hiring and managing for brilliance

Want game-changing ideas and execution? Hire misfits, weirdos, black sheep, difficult people who don't fit into traditional roles because they are just brilliant. This isn't a new idea, but when CEO's say they want innovation, they don't walk the … [Read more]

Breakthroughs need something to break through

Quick, make a list of the biggest and boldest projects in your company. How many make you uncomfortable? If none of them hit you in the gut and make you gasp for air, then you have a serious issue on your hands. Here's why "being uncomfortable" … [Read more]

Do corporates really want to innovate like a startup?

Here's a good question on the Innovation Excellence LinkedIn group... My answer is no. Here are a few reasons why: … [Read more]

In organizations where trust exists, ideas trump hierarchy

Be wary of anyone who believes the trad'l org pyramid will be an effective form of human organization in the future--'cause they're wrong.— Gary Hamel (@profhamel) August 6, 2014 One of the best articles I've read about culture … [Read more]