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Are all innovators alike?

Nuances and details are lost in the sea of bullshit that is media and human irrationality, and an outcome is one of the most dangerous things humans do: build people up to more than they probably are. Sure, the world needs heroes that carry a … [Read more]

WhatsApp: The power of doing one thing extremely well

WhatsApp has succeeded because it is focused on creating a great product, not another social network. What will make your business unique is what you deliberately choose not to do. After almost two years of chit-chat, WhatsApp sold to Facebook for … [Read more]

Q&A: Sangeet Paul Choudary on how open business models are changing how businesses compete

This is part two of a Q&A with Sangeet Paul Choudary on platform businesses and open business models. In part 1, he answered some questions about platform businesses. Sangeet Paul Choudary writes the blog Platform Thinking which has been … [Read more]

Q&A: Sangeet Paul Choudary on how to succeed with a platform business

This is part 1 of a two part Q&A with Sangeet Paul Choudary about platforms and open business models. Sangeet Paul Choudary writes the blog Platform Thinking which has been featured on leading publications and research labs including WSJ, HBR, … [Read more]

When everything becomes a toaster less is more

Incremental innovation can have transformational effects, but we must also understand the limits of pursuing further efficiencies. Yesterday, I came across a post on Gizmodo about everyday products that were improved to be perfect. Just look at … [Read more]

What is the most common way to block innovation in any business?

Punish failure. Someone made a comment about how some of the recommendations that I made on a recent post where ready made solutions for how to stimulate innovation in any organization. They are not. They are idea starters on how to drive … [Read more]

3 criteria your business ideas must have for them to work

This is part three of the series on how to leave small thinking behind. In the first post, I showed you a simple technique for coming up with radical ideas. On the second part, I showed you how to evaluate ideas so they don’t fit into “me-too” … [Read more]