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PlayStation’s Immortalization Strategy leverage’s social media’s strenght

This gave me Goose Bumps! No really it did. That's because I'm a gamer and loyal PlayStation owner. I empathized with this video immediately. I know almost every single character in that trailer and it gave me goose bumps watching them all … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: Creative bias: A threat to corporate innovation

Innovating in a Culture of Convergence - INC Magazine The Rise of Customer-Driven Innovation - Mashable Logic+Emotion: How To Innovate In Spite of Innovation by @armano The DNA of Innovation Leaders - Innovation Excellence Planning and vision … [Read more]

Is innovation really going to save the economy?

First of all, I'm not even sure what we want out of innovation. If we take what we see out there as a signal, then we sure aren't innovating anything. It's gotten to that point where the word innovation is anything but meaningful. Were in the … [Read more]

Ideas trump hierarchy

Yesterday I was having lunch with a buddy of mine who is looking to create a startup incubator in Tijuana. I told him that it seems to me that everyone wants to start an incubator nowadays as a good excuse for stimulating the economy. But more … [Read more]

Infographic: Most Disruptive companies in tech by the numbers

What is disruption? Disruptive companies create innovations that invade the market, force change, and create new sectors of the industry. And for companies like Google, Apple, Netflix, Skype, Tata and Pandora, disruption is their game. And what … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: Innovation lessons from the life of Steve Jobs

Innovation lessons from the life of Steve Jobs - Innosight What I learned from Steve Jobs - by @guykawasaki Steve Jobs and Management by Meaning - HBR Why Innovative Leadership Can Help You Surmount Challenges Infographic: Product … [Read more]

Customer service sucks in Mexico

I'm currently in Mexico meeting with executives from a few large companies, including the nations largest telecommunications company, to talk about social media technologies and what this means for them. Let me say this, it's incredible how separated … [Read more]