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Why Mexico will continue to be a laggard in innovation

A few years ago my friend Marcel Julien (who worked for the Government of Mexico at the time) asked me what would I do to boost the economy and make Mexico more innovative. My answer: Invest in internet infrastructure. Skip the wiring, give people … [Read more]

Crappy innovations make way for better innovations

Games. Mobile. Happiness. All three words are interconnected today. Over the weekend I read a fascinating article on the NYTimes about our addiction to Angry Birds, Zynga and other 'Stupid Games'. These so called stupid games are considered … [Read more]

Innovation must reads of the week: The fallacy of the “rapid pace of innovation”

Should Failure Be Rewarded To Spur Innovation? - Slashdot Forbes Leadership Highlights of the Week: All About Innovation - Forbes The Role Imagination Plays In Innovation - Fast Company The Innovation Matrix Explained: Innovation Commitment by … [Read more]

Instagram: Making the common, uncommon

I'm already late to the game with this post. But Instagram recently announced that their popular photo sharing app is now available for Android, so I just jumped in. I had not used Instagram until today so this is all new for me. Verdict: It's … [Read more]

Create for others or create for yourself?

Innovative Scandinavian born companies, like Linux and Skype, are inspired by a series of guiding ideals. They build products and services for the benefit of Society, not for their own individual gain. From the FastCoExist arcticle: The Nordic … [Read more]

Why April fools is a great day for disruptive thinking

April fools is a great day for "Why Not?" scenarios because it 'affords you' the opportunity to be wrong. Just look at this tweet by Kate Bennet: "Richard Branson launching Virgin Volcanic- journeys to the centre of the earth" … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: How Silicon Valley Innovates

Stop Inbreeding Innovation - HBR Revealed! Silicon Valley's Secrets To Innovation Success - Forbes Seven Steps To Find Your “Uncommon Sense” - MIT Sloan Management Review The Innovation Knowing-Doing Gap - Innovation Management The … [Read more]