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Innovation posts of the week: Innovation lessons from the life of Steve Jobs

Innovation lessons from the life of Steve Jobs - Innosight What I learned from Steve Jobs - by @guykawasaki Steve Jobs and Management by Meaning - HBR Why Innovative Leadership Can Help You Surmount Challenges Infographic: Product … [Read more]

Customer service sucks in Mexico

I'm currently in Mexico meeting with executives from a few large companies, including the nations largest telecommunications company, to talk about social media technologies and what this means for them. Let me say this, it's incredible how separated … [Read more]

Infographic: How MIT Media Labs turns lab work into real-life applications

I asked last week if technology clusters drive innovation, there isn't any evidence that says it does. What is evident is that there are institutions (not clusters in the traditional sense) who are driving innovation. With that said, I found this … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: Better ideas through failure

Understanding innovation the W.L. Gore way by @paul4innovating Learning from Asian Innovation Five Steps for Embracing Consumer Innovation - MIT Sloan Management Review Better Ideas Through Failure - How To Kick Innovation Up a Notch … [Read more]

Do technology clusters really drive innovation?

Early next year there will be a brand new technology center across the border in Tijuana that aims, among other things, to provide office space to companies in the region. It's the BIT Center, or Baja's Innovation and Technology Center. It's … [Read more]

Competitive advantage in social media: Carpe Diem Stupid!

Yesterday one of the surge protectors in my house, the Back-UPS 500 from APC, finally gave up on me after 6 years. Since I'm using another surge protector from Belkin to protect other electronic devices already, I ran over to Office Depot to buy … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: The Age of the Consumer-Innovator

JetBlue Airways Chairman Joel Peterson: Innovation Is Hiding In Plain Sight - Fast Company The User Innovation Revolution - MIT Sloan Management Review What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Growth - by @nilofer The Age of the Consumer-Innovator - MIT … [Read more]