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This week’s innovation posts worthy of your attention: Do innovation Consultants Kill Innovation?

Great Products Are Nice. But Great Businesses Add Services To Them - FastCoDesign Don't Relax Constraints, Embrace Them -  Forbes Don't Think Different, Think About Different Things - HBR Multiple Use of the Business Model Canvas by … [Read more]

To innovate come up with your own unique WHY

Well, well, well. The truth speaks. It's been over a week and my post on why 'WHY?' is the most important question you should ask is still getting a lot of attention. WHY am I not surprised :) Keith Bickel posted an interesting and important … [Read more]

What can you do to improve your business in a day?

That is the question. That and what can you do better tomorrow that you did today? With that in mind, I'm organizing a Business Hack-a-Thon next month in my office building. It's for us and everybody else in the building. I want everyone to come … [Read more]

4 Innovation Lessons from the Miami Heat

If you're a fan of basketball, competition and innovation, you will enjoy this. Before the start of the NBA season, ESPN published a fascinating article about how the Miami Heat's offense will be reinvented. As you might remember, the Heat lost to … [Read more]

Innovation posts worthy of your attention this week: Innovation is Impossible

A-to-F Method for Innovation Success - Innovation Excellence How To Avoid Innovation Infarction by @greggfraley Is your organization strategically bankrupt? by @chuckfrey Resolved: that big companies are better at innovation than small ones by … [Read more]

Innovation starts at the edge not the mainstream

I'm participating in this year's Tijuana Innovadora event. This is event, the first of it's kind in this city, started two years ago. It's an attempt to showcase our city's capability for innovation as well as changing the perception that we're all … [Read more]

Why asking ‘WHY’ is so damn important

We all think we know how most of the things we work with a on a daily basis work. Take for example your computer, how does it work? How does the screen display those icons? How does the mouse/keypad work? How does the computer know when you've … [Read more]