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Innovation must reads of the week: If we had a blank slate

Is Continuous Innovation Too Risky? - Forbes What Does an Innovator Look Like? - The Creativity Post Innovation is a process - Management Innovation eXchange Six Steps to Put Christensen's Jobs-to-be-Done Theory into Practice - Forbes A … [Read more]

Why don’t more people disrupt themselves?

@wadhwa why don’t more people disrupt themselves? — Steve Koss (@SteveKoss) February 8, 2012 I spotted this tweet by fellow Renegade @stevekoss in response to this tweet by @wadhwa: Technology increasingly going to disrupt industries. New jobs … [Read more]

Engage in sci-fi thinking to understand what makes people tick

Last week I gave a workshop on how to mine social networks for insights. I used Facebook's Fan Pages as a use case. Many of the participants were surprised as they didn't visit Fan Pages and thought most were spammy. They also said they didn't like … [Read more]

Innovation must reads of the week: How to think about the future

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The Pivot?

It's funny how we humans assign different names to concepts that have existed for a long time. We coin new terms that embody old concepts. Take the concept of 'The Pivot'. It's become the new buzzword in Entrepreneurship circles thanks to Eric … [Read more]

Guestology: How Disney anticipates guests needs

Spotted this question at Disney Institute's Facebook Fan page: Here's more in-depth look at how Guestology works: The power or the Disney Magic comes from knowing customers and looking beyond the words being used to figure out how to exceed … [Read more]

Innovation must reads of the week: Age of Disruption?

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