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Innovation from Tijuana: Interview with Ximena Valero

I will be starting a series of interviews with fellow entrepreneurs from Tijuana, and will post one per week. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. This is the first one. Reversible/Transformable Fashion by Ximena Valero Here is a short … [Read more]

A sneaky way to unearth innovation opportunities

Look beyond the obvious right? Ok, here's a very sneaky way to do that and unearth innovation opportunities. From the Businessweek article on Hybrids getting competition from plain old cars in gas mileage: “I was surprised to see that cars like … [Read more]

When employees do not feel understood they resist change

Here's an ongoing problem: When leadership tries to implement change within an organization, the biggest objection from employees usually is: "You don't understand my situation." What this statement really means is: "You do not know my job. You do … [Read more]

Innovation must reads of the week: How to reduce innovation risk

Anti-innovation: 10 Proven Ways Not to Innovate - Forbes How to reduce innovation risk  by @ovoinnovation 3 Ways To Predict What Consumers Want Before They Know It - FastCoDesign Innovation Hell: Saving Good Ideas From Premature Death - Fast … [Read more]

How to turn Evernote into an Insight Bank

We need tools to manage our thoughts, data, information and knowledge to be able to find insights. A bit of structure and system could benefit you when seeking new ideas – and keeping track of them! Having a Brain Bank is very useful. I have one … [Read more]

Real-time strategy is driven by Action Oriented Learning

'We've never done a problem of this kind' exclaim students. 'We've never seen a problem like this before' exclaim business executives. See the pattern? … [Read more]

Are you applying as fast as you are learning?

A few weeks go, Bill Taylor (@practicallyrad) asked: Are you learning as fast as the world is changing? Next question is: Are you applying as fast as you are learning? Here's what I've noticed for awhile since I've been on Twitter, but became a … [Read more]