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Hello my friend, welcome to the Game-Changer! A blog about innovation, new ideas and how the world is changing. I’m your host Jorge Barba, an Innovation Insurgent. You’re here because you’re interested in being or becoming a Game-Changer in everything you do. Let’s do it!

I’m CEO of Big Bang Group, CEO and co-founder of Better and OnTime. Innovation Strategist at Netek and I’m also the President of the Baja California Innovation Cluster.

I also work with startups and corporations. Need help reinventing your innovation capability, developing new growth platforms and revenue streams?


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Building A Better Human: The Future Of Human Augmentation

Better, stronger, faster. As long as there have been humans, there have been dreams of super humans. Today the line between technology and biology is blurring, and the idea of building better humans, through the use of technology, has evolved. And, with recent advances in technology, the ability to vastly enhance human capabilities is right around the corner. The end of disability? Immunity to HIV/AIDS? Flawless memory? Enhanced vision? Superior physiological performance? These are some of…
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Why do we need every object and device around us connected?

Driverless cars. Health and fitness trackers. Smart lights. Doors that unlock automatically when you approach them. And so on… In the not so distant future, devices and objects will become intelligent and will be connected to the internet exchanging thousands of gigabytes of data every day and maybe every minute; making our lives, supposedly, more efficient. What happens when all of this is a reality and why should we care?