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If you can’t answer these questions, your business is irrelevant

We recently met with representatives from one of the largest energy utility providers in Mexico to talk about their current issues and how we might help them transform themselves. Before we met, I created a list of 20 questions to ask them. These … [Read more]

How to have great ideas without having to smoke weed

Catchy title huh? I'm not much about celebrating milestones but this is the 400th post in the history of this blog. That's a lot of writing. So to celebrate the occasion, I thought I change it up a little bit. Last week a buddy of mine told me … [Read more]

Google Chrome’s innovation: Focus on what matters and make it relevant

While the statistics are debated, apparently Google's Chrome browser has overtaken Firefox for the number two spot in two short years and now sits behind Internet Explorer. Why has this happened? Two years ago Firefox was cruising. Their value … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: How to combat creative resistance

The Empire Strikes Back -  Technology Review 8 Dangers of Collaboration by @nilofer How to combat creative resistance via @ralph_ohr Core questions everybody should answer to find a great business model Status Quophiles and Quophobes by … [Read more]

Infographic: How diversity in the workplace can help drive innovation success

Innovation is driven by diversity of ideas, viewpoints, not more of the same. That's a fact! … [Read more]

Change will happen whether you like it or not

Companies are still scrambling with the rise of social networks like Twitter. If people think you suck they'll gladly express themselves and let everyone else who listens to them. Oh and by the way, this happens in real-time. This is the type of … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: How to use social media for innovation

How to Use Social Media for Innovation – 11 Great Reads by @lindegaard The Innovating Power of Eight Words by @paul4innovating Inventing the Collaborative Workspace by @richardsona Enabling innovation and its implementation - Ivey Business … [Read more]