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Making creative connections: What matters is that you make them

While there are a lot of organizations that aggregate trends (see Trend Hunter and Trend Watching to name a few), people often ask me how believable those trends are and if they should be arriving at the same conclusions while doing their own trend … [Read more]

Please understand me. I want you to

I have a few friends who are looking for a job and have been for a awhile. They use digital means such as Linkedin, Simply Hired, Monster to find jobs as well as network with people. This process takes a lot of time, but the biggest problem is they … [Read more]

What business are you really in?

It's not the most obvious one. Do you think Zappos is in the online retail business? Not according to Tony Hsieh: "We're in the experience & emotions business -- the stories & memories business." @zappos #zappos — S Max Brown … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: Five habits of great innovators

Nine Ways to Test an Entrepreneurial Idea - HBR Innovative companies are constantly obsoleting themselves via @ralph_ohr Only Outthinkers Will Survive Today's Paradigm Shift -  Fast Company No Vision = No Innovation by @ovoinnovation How to … [Read more]

Why you shouldn’t ignore your customers

My blog was offline for two days because my former hosting (got a new one, hurray Blue Host!) shut me down. According to them my blog was using excessive resources and so had to be shut down immediately. In other words, is getting a lot of traffic … [Read more]

The wheel gets reinvented all the time

"Let's not reinvent the wheel" How many times have you heard that? How many times have you said it? For practical purposes, people don't like to reinvent the wheel. It's better to do, follow, use what is already there because it saves us a lot of … [Read more]

A great customer deserves a special gift continuously

But that gift can't be that obvious. It's always interesting to me how some organizations delight their customers. Or how they assume their customers will be delighted. The image above is a promotional email from Scientific American Book Club, … [Read more]