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How do you begin to develop an innovative mindset?

How do you take innovation into practice? It all starts with habits. And these habits, are not the ones you do on a daily basis. Spend 6 hours of your day in meetings? Putting out fires? Responding to excessive email? Obsessively checking up on … [Read more]

3 common innovation mistakes—and how the intersection of customer experience and performance chains can better set you up to win

The hot topic these days is innovation, whether I'm in conversation with relative newcomers or long-tenured companies trying to reinvent themselves. Everything is moving so quickly in markets and inside businesses today. This forces the obvious … [Read more]

Innovation must reads of the week: Hold strong visions weakly

How Serial Innovators Find The Best Problems To Solve - Fast Company Getting serious about experimentation by Follow @thisissethsblog Please, Can We All Just Stop "Innovating"? by Follow @practicallyrad Hold Strong Visions Weakly by Follow … [Read more]

Start out with a purpose, not a plan

To be honest, I LOVE to strategize. But, planning by itself is boring. In the last few weeks, I've been asked to look at a few business ideas and projects. The central question being: Does the plan look like it is in order? Me: Nope. Them: … [Read more]

How to boost your creative capacity

Those of us in the innovation space know that to be creative, you need to be very diverse in your education and life experiences. Not only as a person, but also as an organization. Put simply, diversity breeds breakthroughs. … [Read more]

Falling prey to a company’s marketing = no value

Why is creating value so difficult? Is it a problem with measurement? Perception? It all began in a lively discussion a few Sunday's ago on Twitter. It all started, with a one tweet by Max McKeown: … [Read more]

Innovation must reads of the week: Is innovation dead?

Is Innovation Dead — Or Doing Just Fine, Thank You? - How fast should you innovate? by Follow @ovoinnovation What Customers Want (Except When They Don't) by Follow @frogdesign 10 mental traits of truly innovative leaders by Follow … [Read more]