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Are You Indispensable at Work?

This is a guest post by Robert B. Tucker In a time of economic disruption, unprecedented downsizings, budgetary cutbacks and the constant pressure to outsource more and more routine functions (and the employees who perform them), advice on … [Read more]

How to manage through disruption

Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe, interviews Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia. Mr. Elop has some great thoughts about innovation and about managing through disruption. It's interesting because both of them worked at Macromedia before it was bought by Adobe. If … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: Why we don’t like change

Why We Don't Like Change 4 Roles for Your Innovation Team by @timkastelle Innovation: Corporate Culture is Not the Answer! - Forbes FREE BOOK: Making Open Innovation Work by @lindegaard Why Experts Create Few New Ideas … [Read more]

Reward insight or reward ideas? Both and…

This is a tricky question. First of all, insights are different from ideas. Insights are more important than ideas. Breakthrough businesses are build on insights, not ideas. Ideas come after the insight. Yet in innovation circles we constantly … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: 10 innovation myths

GE’s Beth Comstock on What Design Can Do For Your Company Ten Innovation Myths - Scott Anthony - HBR Tom Peters – Innovation Comes from Dissatisfied People - Innovation Excellence Stop the Reckless Brainstorming and Focus your Creativity! - … [Read more]

What F.B.I. Agent Ali Soufan can teach you about innovation

As someone who at some point thought about choosing between becoming a spy or a Navy SEAL, I couldn't hold myself back from not reading Ali Soufan's The Black Banners: The Inside Story about 9/11 and the War Against Al-Qaeda. Ali Soufan was the … [Read more]

Are you giving away too many ideas?

Should you give away ideas to potential clients before making a deal? Ideas are a dime a dozen and coming up with them is really easy. Sometimes too easy. And as someone who is in 'ideation mode' all the time, I freely give them away to potential … [Read more]