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Lessons from a crowdsourcing experiment

One of the great things about social media is that it gives organizations the capability (if they choose to) and advantage of co-creating new products and services with their customers. About two years ago I persuaded a client to experiment with … [Read more]

Customer service matters as much as innovation

This past week I read two amazing customer service stories. First, there's Sarah Green's story on how she left her friends house keys with an Amtrak employee because she forgot to deliver them herself before she left for Boston. The Amtrak employee … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: Choking the innovation funnel

The Challenges of Real Change Required by Innovation Consultants by @paul4innovating Is it true that a relaxed mind is more creative? by @jabaldaia Choking The Innovation Funnel by @jhenning The Seven Deadly Sins That Choke Out Innovation - … [Read more]

Why you need to break out of your network to innovate

Yesterday @JuhaLipponen shared his post on how gathering people from diverse backgrounds to brainstorm breeds new and fresh insights. This idea of bringing in outsiders to shake things up isn't new, but it's definitely one that you don't find being … [Read more]

Are Little Bets a recipe for better innovation?

A few weeks ago I reviewed Peter Sims new book on experimental innovation, Little Bets. Since then I've received emails from friends asking me for concrete examples of businesses doing experimental innovation as well as why this is a better approach … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: From robust to resilitent innovation

Innovate With Empathy by @maddockdouglas Immersive Virtual Worlds as Innovation Platforms by @ovoinnovation Robust to Resilient for Innovation Thinking by @paul4innovating How to Unlock Creativity by @digitaltonto The Innovation Filter … [Read more]

Rockstar Studios knows how to innovate

Yesterday I wrote about how innovation requires courage. It takes guts and vision to do something that is so remarkable, that it changes everything. Here then, is a great example. Innovation in the gaming industry is hard to come by. Games haven't … [Read more]