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Q&A: Stu Heilsberg, biz development guru, on how to stop guessing what customers want

Developing business isn't about sitting in your conference room hypothesizing all different reasons why people need your product or service, and how you might get business. As you know, there is a lot of guessing. To move beyond this, you need to get … [Read more]

Innovating when the old rules don’t fit the new environment

A few weeks ago, I wrote about future-proofing yourself by asking questions that anticipate great challenges. Why am I bringing this up again? Because, like you, I still get to engage companies that are disconnected from "what is" and "what could … [Read more]

Innovation must reads of the week: To disrupt and industry, it’s best to know it well

[View the story "Innovation must reads of the week: To disrupt and industry, it's best to know it well" on Storify] … [Read more]

The 12 enemies of adaptability

The twelve enemies of adaptability as curated by Hack Management participants: Click image for larger size. Source: Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage … [Read more]

No investment in innovation means no investment in the future

"It’s absolutely ingrained in human nature that we simply assign responsibility for what went wrong instead of chalking it up to bad luck. And bad luck is out there. You can’t totally insulate yourself from it because if you try to, you really impair … [Read more]

HBR’s 10 Must Reads: The Essentials

Last week I shared with you HBR's 10 must reads on innovation. Today I'll share HBR's 10 Essential must reads. Again, just click on the link and voila! … [Read more]

Tunnel vision: The enemy of strategic thinking

Two weekends ago, I went to Disneyland with my brother. We had a good time and got a on a lot rides. Including some I've never gotten on before. Astro Blasters is one such ride. If you've never experienced it, think of it as a shooting gallery on … [Read more]