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3 reasons why eliminating customer friction is not always intuitive

People remember, and pay for experiences. But, some businesses are delivering unhappiness, and they don't know it. And they might not have an epiphany even if they go out of business. This is sad... From a customer experience perspective, a … [Read more]

To do original work don’t have rules, have ruling values

"I'll know it when I see it". That is a common expression of something that we think is novel and distinctive. When we see or experience something truly original, it is surprising. But how many times in a day, week, month or year are you … [Read more]

5 innovation must reads of the week: Innovation is not linear

[View the story "5 innovation must reads of the week: Innovation is not linear" on Storify] … [Read more]

Strategy is hard. Innovation is harder

By now, you should know that I don't sugarcoat it. No recipes, frameworks, or any other method with promises of a silver bullet. No BS here about how easy it is. With that said, here is another anecdote for you... Yesterday we visited a prospect, … [Read more]

Law of innovation inertia

Imagine if two people were given the same slides, reports, diagrams and the like, and were told to craft a unique strategy for the company. To do that, both would be put in separate rooms where they will be given 4 hours to work. After the 4 hours, … [Read more]

Can you say what you stand for?

We've all been in offices/establishments and seen posters/pictures hanging on the walls that communicate the values of that particular business. But, rarely will you see something like this: … [Read more]

Three forces needed for innovation to happen

  How does innovation happen? For me, it starts with the individual and organizations ability to detect and conceive ideas, the organizational structure needed to execute on those ideas and lastly, the market has to be ready to accept … [Read more]