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Poetic Action Movement in Tijuana

This is a guest post by my buddy Alejandra Lopez, @thisisallyg. Please watch the video at the end of this post. Finally, the project I've been doing for so long is finished! Let's start this blog post with the day I was happily Tumblrin' on Tumblr … [Read more]

VIDEO: The Process of Animation by Walt Disney Studios and The Simpsons

Here is the video from the conference we held at our office two months ago. Edwin Aguilar, Assistant Director at The Simpsons, and Jose Zelaya, Character Designer at Walt Disney Studios, talk about the Process of Animation to a large audience at … [Read more]

What term comes to mind when you hear the word strategy?

Cynthia Montgomery, Professor of Strategy at Harvard University, asks her students what terms come to mind when they hear the word “strategy.” This word cloud illustrates their typical responses, which tellingly lack the word “leader.” Why is … [Read more]

7 ways to make it safe for others to innovate

Great leaders make it safe for others to innovate. What stops innovation? Fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of public shame. Fear of failing. Fear of getting started. All these fears, in one way or another, get in our way. How do we make it safe for … [Read more]

Innovation must reads of the week: What really blocks innovation

[View the story "Innovation must reads of the week: What really blocks innovation" on Storify]Innovation must reads of the week: What really blocks innovationStorified by Jorge Barba· Sat, Jan 05 2013 19:51:03Addressing the critical issues … [Read more]

Game-Changer’s Top 80 innovation articles of 2012

Here's a look back, in no particular order, at the top 80 articles I wrote about innovation: … [Read more]

This is empathy: The best innovators live in their customers shoes

What is the most important innovation technique available to an innovation practitioner? In my opinion, of all the innovation techniques available to an innovation practitioner, entrepreneur, marketer or business leader none is more important than … [Read more]