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How can I allocate time for innovation activities?

Before will, skills and tools, what aspiring innovators need is time. It is a delicate topic because within organizations, the preference is for employees to keep the machine's wheels turning as efficiently as possible. This leaves no time for … [Read more]

The Idea Box: On command creativity tool for creatives and non-creatives

A few days ago, I provided you with some questions to find hidden pain points. Well, after finding those pain points, the next step is to ideate ways to alleviate those pains. How do you start? Steve Jobs famously said that creativity is just … [Read more]

10 thought provoking questions to find hidden pain points

There are pain points you can identify in an initial sales discussion, and then there are the pain points that are hidden in plain sight. I believe these are the ones that matter, precisely because they have gone unquestioned for a long time. How … [Read more]

5 innovation must reads of the week: Should You Back That Innovation Proposal?

[View the story "5 innovation must reads of the week: Should You Back That Innovation Proposal? " on Storify] … [Read more]

What can business leaders do to ensure they are enabling and not blocking innovation?

Paul Hobcraft recently reviewed a couple of innovation reports. One implies that executives say that innovation is important for growth, and the other says that executives nods their heads in agreement but don't follow through. I'm not surprised … [Read more]

Q&A: Ashley Verrill on how to get at-home workers engaged with the organization

This is a Q&A is based on a recent article written by  Software Advice CRM Analyst Ashley Verrill about How Apple gets at-home workers to work. As you know, this is an important topic because it touches on importance of employee engagement and … [Read more]

The one thing any non-innovative leader can do to enable innovation

So, you're the CEO of a company and you are not known to be innovative. What do you do? No fear, for you are not alone. For all the talk about the need for innovation, the truth is most CEO's are not innovative. They are much more focused on … [Read more]