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For innovators ignorance is an asset

Most every business that I've consulted for asks me a variation of the same question: how can we innovate? Unfortunately, that's the wrong question to ask. The correct question is: what's currently stopping us from innovating? … [Read more]

What To Look For In An Innovation Partner

If you’re a successful company, you’re probably not used to innovation. You’re used to being good at what you do, and that’s the opposite of innovation. Smart innovation that evolves a new and marketable product often requires an innovation … [Read more]

Disruptive innovation theory in 15 tweets

What is disruption? Many believe that disruption is innovation. Truth is, what many believe to be disruptive really isn't. First of all, nobody deliberately sets out to be disruptive; it happens after the fact. To bring some clarity to the … [Read more]

What does the future of our youth look like?

America’s 10 Million Unemployed Youth Spell Danger for Future Economic Growth. That's the headline of a June 2013 report by the Center for American Progress, 22.5 percent of teens ages 16 to 19 are unemployed, and 1.4 million teens are neither … [Read more]

There’s no such thing as a perfect strategy

Doing what everyone else is doing is the wrong strategy, and thinking that what made you succeed in the first place will result in success again is a flawed thinking. This is strategy 101, but many don't heed this principle. This is a lesson famed … [Read more]

10 Ways to Discover What You Don’t Know that You Don’t Know

The mindset of innovation is characterized by a deliberate attempt to question what you know and explore what you don't. In large organizations this manifests itself in a very simple equation; Innovation = reducing errors + increasing insights. … [Read more]

Doing what everyone else is doing is the wrong strategy

What do high-flying startups know about growth that others don't? According to new research on startup growth, there are ten things high-flying startups do differently to grow quickly. One of them, and it isn't a surprise, is they change the game … [Read more]