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We should do our best at whatever job we take on

No matter what you do for a living, should you do the best work possible? An interesting article by Nick Bilton on taking pride of ones work caught my attention: … [Read more]

Rohan Light On Forecasting And Data Analytics

We live in world in flux, various trends are crashing into each other to create heaps of data that most businesses are only just starting to discover. Forward thinking businesses that are innovation driven have established a capability for capturing … [Read more]

What are the Best Functions of Business Intelligence Software?

Nowadays, it is extremely important that your company not only be rich in data, but also rich in insight. Business Intelligence refers to the process of extracting information and transforming it into data that will support the future decisions of … [Read more]

What’s the difference between crap and good enough?

What's good and what's crap? Why do celebrate crap? This is the topic of this week's podcast, and a discussion on our journey through embracing crap making and coming out better for it. I saying I repeat early and often is "Ok-ness is the enemy of … [Read more]

Virtual Reality Vs. Reality

Finally, I've started a podcast! In this first episode my co-host Adrian Pedrin, Film Producer and Director, and I talk about virtual reality versus reality. In other words, what happens when people will prefer virtual experiences over reality? … [Read more]

The attitude needed to be a better forecaster…and innovator

People who are good at forecasting, including innovators, are good at changing their minds; an uncommon attitude. Changing ones mind contradicts the conventional wisdom of relying on experts for right answers. Truthfully, experts have no place in … [Read more]

Companies should penalize employees for their inaction, not for their failures

How can you boost innovation in your business? Penalize inaction, and celebrate failure. Successful creatives are not afraid of mistakes or failure: they know that good ideas often arise from tireless experimentation and a chain of failed … [Read more]