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For innovation: culture trumps office design

Innovation Labs, either accelerators or corporate bunkers, are now becoming commonplace. As a result, workspace design is booming. Browse around the web, and you'll quickly see articles about startups that have designed their workspace to resemble … [Read more]

Innovation Book Review: Disruption Revolution

Diversity breeds innovation, and as I stated a few weeks ago when I shared with you a list of 10 books about innovation that I recommend you read, it is best for you to look far and wide about the type of content that you read. Right now, the … [Read more]

Complaining is not a strategy

Many companies may start their lives playing to win, but inevitably end up playing not to lose. It is this cycle of being proactive and then reactive that may become a fact for your organization. Many books and blog posts have been written about … [Read more]

Live Hangouts: Experimenting with digital ethnography

Tomorrow, at 12:20 PM PT I'll be collaborating with Cirklo on the first part of an innovation workshop via a live Hangout session. Just click play in the video frame below to watch and listen to our commentary. It will be conducted in … [Read more]

10% of the majority: when ideas get adopted

How long does change take? Interesting question. And one that, at least to me, doesn't have a concrete answers. But a good answer is that it takes time. It simply doesn't happen overnight. But, we do know that if we want to accelerate change … [Read more]

A simple technique to help you develop culture in your organization

Do you have a User Manual of yourself for others to learn about how to deal with you? This is an interesting idea I read about in an interview with Ivar Kroghrud, lead strategist of QuestBack, by Adam Bryant for his upcoming book Quick and Nimble: … [Read more]

The Big Bang approach to problem definition

The way a problem is defined guides the way people think about it. You can never have/experiment with enough tools. I like to experiment with various "problem definition" approaches, as I believe this is the most important step in the innovation … [Read more]