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What are the key ingredients necessary to accelerate innovation in any environment?

MIT's Andy Pentland says the best decision-making environment for good ideas to spread is one with high levels of both “engagement” and “exploration. Via the NY Times: The best decision-making environment, Mr. Pentland says, is one with high … [Read more]

New doesn’t equal innovation

Just because something is new doesn't mean it should be touted as an innovation. What's an innovation and what isn't? Normally, people believe that just because they've never seen or heard about something that it's new, and therefore … [Read more]

Failure isn’t the goal, it is a means for innovation

Last week I wrote about how you can ask yourself one question to innovate how you innovate: What can we learn from ___company___ about __challenge__? I then posted some ideas from Amazon and Google that help them drive innovation, which you can … [Read more]

Jeff Bezos: Failure can’t be separated from invention

How do you maximize people's potential to drive innovation? As Bob Ross says, "We don't make mistakes, only happy accidents". So, let employees make happy accidents. This is what happens at the world's most innovative companies, one of which is … [Read more]

Which is more valuable, good ideas or good people?

The answer is obvious, right? Well, not so. Some think that ideas matter more because you can snap them out of thin air. Which is why I think most people guard their ideas. They think they are unique on their own... That isn't true. Ideas matter, … [Read more]

Lars Bratsberg’s Talk on Repetitive Innovation at Google

How does Google continue to grow exponentially while still staying innovative? This question was asked at one of my recent workshops. Well, to the person who asked the question, in the video below Lars Bratsberg, the Head of Branding at Google … [Read more]

One question to help you innovate how you innovate

How do you innovate how you innovate? Easy, stop doing what worked before and start looking for insights outside the mainstream. How? Because I haven't found any, and conduct them myself, a couple of weeks ago I wrote a short guide on how to … [Read more]