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Innovators Don’t Outwork Non-innovators, They Out-think and Out-execute Them

Ask any person or team who’s ever worked on and delivered a better future about their process and they’ll tell you it was a messy journey; not a straight line. Those of us who’ve been in the trenches know that delivering the future doesn’t happen in a straight line, as most things rarely do, yet most people want to believe there’s a silver bullet prescription, secret, hack, tip and the like to follow to avoid…
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The Real Challenge of Leadership

I’m writing this post for my friend Julio, who I hope takes the leadership challenge head on… Innovative leaders are cut from a different cloth from traditional ones. It’s why you just can’t assume that giving leaders a set of tools to help their organization innovate will work; it goes deeper than that. All businesses at some point become addicted to stability, and the people leading the organization become “maintainers of the status quo”; don’t…
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How Technology is Disrupting Geopolitics with Abishur Prakash

The Next Economy will be driven by emergent technologies, bringing new possibilities for a better future along with many challenges for the world economy. But, how is technology changing geopolitics? To answer this question I chat with Geopolitical Futurist Abishur Prakash who recently released a book on how new technologies, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, embryo editing, space colonization and more will transform world affairs; the book is called Next Geopolitics.