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What is empathy?

What happens when #neuroscience meets #anthropology to talk #empathy? We found out in Boston. | — SEEK Company (@theSEEKco) February 17, 2014   What happens is that you get some very abstract conversations about … [Read more]

Why don’t businesses experiment to drive innovation?

There is no innovation without experimentation... A while back, Dan Ariely wrote a thoughtful column in the Harvard Business Review about why businesses don't experiment: … [Read more]

For innovation: Non-obvious needs are often the richest source of new insights

Innovation comes from leaving known shores and stepping into the unknown. This means being aware that you don't have all the answers. So, you need to go out and discover new insights... So, what's an insight? Insights are unexpected shifts in the … [Read more]

For innovation: Herd your black sheep

As you can discern from last week's post about how not to drive a culture of innovation, as well as previous ones, I'm a big fan of "what not to do's". Well, in contrast to those, what are the counters to those NOT's? Let's take the topic of … [Read more]

How do you source ideas for innovation out of customers?

Phil McKinney asks: are customers a source of ideas for innovation? Two years ago The Economist published a report where it indicated that by 2020 customers will replace R&D as the main source of new ideas. Well, apart from customers, there … [Read more]

The sad truth about how innovation dies in large organizations

For things to change somebody somewhere has to act differently... There's a great thread going on in the Beyond Innovation LinkedIn group about exciting examples of driving a culture of innovation. In my experience, it was one singular person … [Read more]

Innovation needs intent

Ultimately, just like your business strategy, your innovation strategy needs to be focused. It can’t be all things to all people. It must be able to stand on its own. Last Friday I conducted a second innovation workshop with graduate students from … [Read more]