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Why purpose matters

The decisions people and organizations make about where, how, and why to invest their energy all stem from a need of purpose.

The no. 1 innovation skill you need to master

A friend of mine who recently visited this blog made the observation that I make a lot of reference to sports. I thought this was kind of cool because he noticed it, and understood what I was trying to convey. This is an important observation, because as we’ve mentioned before, one of the key skills [...]

Zappos: Delivering Happiness through experiments

How Zappos uses experiments to improve their customer service

Innovation is an evolutionary process to get better at something

Innovation is an evolutionary process, you try lots of stuff and keep what works all in an effort to get better at something.

The power of bringing in an outsider for innovation

Nilofer Merchant, CEO of Rubicon Consulting, argues that if organizations want to be innovative they should stop hiring the same type of people just to meet the requirements of the job position: It seems to me we ought to also know how to get diverse points of view into the system, because that is what [...]

Why some people tolerate failure more than others

There are a number of reasons why I liked the Knowing vs. Learning Business Week article by G. Michael Maddock and Raphael Louis Vitón, not only are they right on but they also touch on a very important topic: The reason why some people tolerate failure more than others.   If you’ve read Carol Dweck’s [...]

To see the invisible make distinctions

Creative thought is about looking at what everyone else has looked at and seeing something new. Observing is making distinctions, noticing things, seeing something that’s not obvious.