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Make the common uncommon

How do you stand out in the commoditizied world of candies? If you’re Hotlix you make insect candy. Yup, that’s right. Hotlix is the creator of creations such as the Strawberry flavored Scorpion Sucker, which has a real scorpion in it’s center. I just recently found out about them from the video below which shows […]

Prepare for the unexpected

Imagine that you are a pilot and you have to fly through a 5 mile canyon upside down. It’s actually kind of hard to imagine because it’s not something you’re trained to do but it’s something that could happen in a real life situation. It’s a scenario that’s outside your direct experience, you find it […]

It’s not going to happen here?

‘That’s not going to happen here’. This is one of the claims I hear a lot here in Mexico, whatever trends are happening elsewhere are not going to happen here anytime soon. They talks as if Mexico were isolated from the rest of the trends of society. First of all if you’re in a country […]

How to create a new business model

For business model innovation, the business model canvas helps you create new business concepts.

An authentic way to stand out is to have a point of view

Since most folks stand for nothing more than the same, an authentic way to stand out is to have a point of view about the future.

Strategy starts with identifying changes

McKinsey interviews Richard Rumelt and points out than when we think about strategy, learning as fast as the world is changing is more important than trying to predict it.

Don’t waste people’s time. Help them do more

The gap between what is right now and where others are become very obvious when you go from one extreme to another. This past week I spent a little time with a friend I’ve known since kindergarten as he just opened a restaurant in Mexico and I went over to see how he was doing. […]