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Importance of having a culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Period. Because strategy is in your every choice. Culture, in your every action. The topic of culture is one that is dear to me, so much so that I think and write about it as often as I drink Gatorade; which is almost every day.

What book changed your life?

Everyone has a favorite book, but how about one that changed your life? Typically you get asked about your favorite books about a specific topic, or books in general; but never about a book that changed your life. Well, somebody asked me this question recently, I’d never thought about it before. 

Innovators have strong opinions weakly held

Innovators are less myopic than the rest, that’s a fact you can count on. But, what makes them so? They are willing to change their mind…

To innovate how you innovate…

Usually, every business that starts goes through some hard times and then eventually succeeds. But, also, most eventually fail because they’ve failed to change with the times; they stagnate. Well, a few months ago I wrote a post where I laid out five ways you can avoid stagnation and thus innovate how you innovate.

What a culture of innovation looks like

Creating the conditions for innovation to happen is at the top of the agenda for any leader, but in many organizations, innovation is more of a word used between sentences than an outcome. In other organizations, innovation happens in spite of outdated beliefs and structures because someone choose to not play by the rules. In […]

Top storytelling tips for innovators and entrepreneurs

As a well known Disney fanatic, I get asked about storytelling quite a bit. And, my number one and only tip is this: be authentic. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but many people are afraid to be authentic. A great way to express authenticity through story is by talking about a time or situation […]

How do you measure an innovation ecosystem?

Here’s a recap from our #innochat session on Measuring an innovation ecosystem. Below are the questions we discussed with my own and answers as well as responses from other participants. Want to read the whole chat? Great! You can find the complete transcript of the chat in PDF.