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Getting the small things right is a first step towards innovation

Nobody likes to be rejected. But, there are times when you know you’ve provided value by facilitating clarity. This happened to me recently… Last week I had a meeting with a very public mexican CEO, where we talked about innovation and its various forms. He clearly wants to innovate in various areas, but was honest [...]

To do original work don’t have rules, have ruling values

“I’ll know it when I see it”. That is a common expression of something that we think is novel and distinctive. When we see or experience something truly original, it is surprising. But how many times in a day, week, month or year are you authentically surprised? Rarely I assume. How can we change that? [...]

Can you say what you stand for?

We’ve all been in offices/establishments and seen posters/pictures hanging on the walls that communicate the values of that particular business. But, rarely will you see something like this:

If you don’t like how things are done, tell a different story

A typical marketing and sales person recently asked me why I don’t place ads on my blog to generate additional revenue. Being that this blog gets between 6K – 9K visits/month, I’m in a very good position to do so (I have gotten requests from companies to place ads). But, I don’t want to place [...]

My Disruptive Heroes Interview with @simpletonbill

Popular blogger and author of multiple best-selling books, Bill Jensen, nominated me as one of 50 Top Disruptive Experts. An elite group of Disruptive Heroes, that already includes Marissa Mayer, Guy Kawasaki, John Hagel and many others. And, as part of his Disruptive Heroes series, a few week ago I was interviewed by Bill. At the end of this post, [...]

Innovation starts with needs but it doesn’t end there

Businesses, either new or “me-too’s”, set out to fulfill a need in the marketplace. Whoever fills this need in a better way, usually is rewarded with profits for a long time. But, profits does not a sustainable company make. Though this particular story I’m about to tell you doesn’t talk about billions of dollars in [...]

Leadership, not process, is the keystone of innovation

To think differently, act differently. For most, easier said than done. I’ve stressed this over and over again. And will keep on stressing it because I know we’ll never get over it. Simply put, there are those that seek new thoughts before taking action. And, there are those that will only take action until those [...]