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The Best Ideas Are The Ones That Expand a Market

The Best Ideas Are The Ones That Expand a Market

There is no shortage of ways to come up with entrepreneurial ideas, ways of doing something better, ways of thinking, approaches to problem solving, etc.. Companies are started everyday, most are copycats of what already exists, of what is hyped, of what already works.

Why Teaching Kids Resilience Through Failure is Key To Their Growth

At most any job you are supported and rewarded for doing the same task over and over again; you get the promotion because of your experience. Why is this? Because the default attitude of most people in charge is to avoid failure. People who are in charge didn’t get there because they took chances and made mistakes, they got there by doing the same thing over and over again; demonstrating competence.

This is How You Know Someone Will Be a Great Leader

This is How You Know Someone Will Be a Great Leader

I’m consulting for a mid-size business that has grown 60% in the last year and a half. During that time they’ve opened 2 additional plants to able to handle the demand, and hired a bunch of people to carry out the work. They’re in a growth spurt with growth challenges, and they have to make decisions about who to put in leadership positions as the company keeps growing.

Leaders Must Grow People; Here Are 6 Ways To Do It

6 Ways Leaders Help People Grow

This is a guest post by Francisco Ramirez, CEO of The ACE Group; a customs broker, warehouse operator and ecommerce fulfillment provider that helps merchants reduce their fulfillment costs. This post was originally published on their blog.

The biggest challenge for new leaders is shifting their minds from doing the work themselves to doing it through others. This is why the most important job of every leader is to grow people; leaders deliver results through others. How do leaders grow people?

Give Poeple Wings, Not Keep Under Your Wings

Bad leaders keep people dependent on them. Great leaders unleash people

Bad managers, good managers, great managers. What’s the difference? I understood the distinction when I was 18 years old. I worked at FedEx Ground, and I was protected by my Manager because I made him look good as a result of my breaking rules that hadn’t been broken but were bottlenecks to unrealized value; I unlocked that value by systematically breaking them!

One Perspective is No Perspective

how to escape the echo chamber

We’re all biased, so biased that we love to hang out with people who think like us, read stuff that we agree with and do stuff we like to do. It’s all good and well, but what we get in enjoyement we lose in perspective; because that one perspective that we hold isn’t the complete picture of life.

Make It Easy To Work With You

make it easy

In the world of product design, your goal as the designer is to make the product easy to understand and use. People will get frustrated, anxious, angry and just leave it if it’s not easy to use. Similarly, organizations have to be designed to be to be easy to work with for employees, customers, partners and providers. Of course, most aren’t.