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How do you measure an innovation ecosystem?

how do you measure an innovation ecosytem?Here’s a recap from our #innochat session on Measuring an innovation ecosystem. Below are the questions we discussed with my own and answers as well as responses from other participants.

Want to read the whole chat? Great! You can find the complete transcript of the chat in PDF.

Innovation challenges in laggard markets

A culture challenge

Early this year a Groupon copycat was in my office building: Grupongo.

I don’t know if they exist anymore but they’ve since closed operations in Tijuana. I have no insight into why they closed operations, but I do have an idea since I got to talk to the Regional Sales Manager a few months before.

See, Tijuana is a conservative market. The nature of Groupon, and all its copycats, is that it stimulates randomness. It lowers the barriers to doing things you’ve never done before. This happens easily in markets where diversity exists.