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Guestology: How Disney anticipates guests needs

Spotted this question at Disney Institute’s Facebook Fan page: Here’s more in-depth look at how Guestology works: The power or the Disney Magic comes from knowing customers and looking beyond the words being used to figure out how to exceed guest expectations. Something that happens on-site may not be our fault, but it is our […]

Customer service sucks in Mexico

I’m currently in Mexico meeting with executives from a few large companies, including the nations largest telecommunications company, to talk about social media technologies and what this means for them. Let me say this, it’s incredible how separated from the current reality these companies are. While some companies in the U.S. are already taking advantage […]

Competitive advantage in social media: Carpe Diem Stupid!

Yesterday one of the surge protectors in my house, the Back-UPS 500 from APC, finally gave up on me after 6 years. Since I’m using another surge protector from Belkin to protect other electronic devices already, I ran over to Office Depot to buy replacement for the APC. I ended up buying a Belkin. As […]

Why every customer service “success” on social media is really a customer service failure

One of the main benefits of social media is to provide instant customer service. While this might be true, I think we’re seeing it from the wrong angle. Companies are looking at it as a way to put out fires, to delay an customers eventual frustration. Sure, we should be exploring how social technologies might […]

Customer service matters as much as innovation

Customer service matters because customers remember how they are treated as much as if you are an innovative company. They remember the details.

Why you shouldn’t ignore your customers

One thing about delivering great customer service is that if you ignore customers and waste their time they’ll be pissed off and stop doing business with you.

A great customer deserves a special gift continuously

But that gift can’t be that obvious. It’s always interesting to me how some organizations delight their customers. Or how they assume their customers will be delighted. The image above is a promotional email from Scientific American Book Club, it was delivered to my inbox with the title: A great customer deserves a special gift. […]