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What’s the secret sauce of a culture of innovation?

-+*This Thursday we’ll discuss “Measuring an innovation ecosystem” on Innochat. Many will argue that to develop a culture of innovation you need talent, support, capital and a host of other mechanisms. It’s such a common response that many organizations and governments around the world have created their own mechanisms to “drive” entrepreneurship and innovation in […]

Innovators widen their view of competition

-+*I’m sure you’ve been in meetings where everyone worries about competition more than they worry about customers. It is a fact that for traditionally run businesses, any talk about strategy quickly shifts to competition. It’s unavoidable and it pisses me off.  Traditional business practice is based on beating the competition, which assumes that there is […]

How can a business differentiate without changing the product itself?

-+*Via Quora: What can you change in a business that is strong enough to differentiate the business from all competitors, but without touching the product itself? For example, GILT, changed PRICE but didn’t change product, and opened a niche for discounted designer clothes. Phones International, changed the DISTRIBUTION MODEL of the mobile phone industry but it […]

3 Ways to help customers win

-+*“It’s not enough that we win; all others must lose.” – Larry Ellison Heard this one yesterday. I’m all in for competition, but business isn’t about war (at some point I used to think like Genghis Khan too). It isn’t about beating competitors just for the heck of it. I find this focus on competing […]

Competitive advantage in social media: Carpe Diem Stupid!

-+*Yesterday one of the surge protectors in my house, the Back-UPS 500 from APC, finally gave up on me after 6 years. Since I’m using another surge protector from Belkin to protect other electronic devices already, I ran over to Office Depot to buy replacement for the APC. I ended up buying a Belkin. As […]

It matters how you play the game. Not just being first.

-+*Startups don’t become relevant by focusing technology, they become big businesses by focusing on being better humans.

Don’t look for examples, be the example

-+*I have a client who has (so far) the only SaaS payroll management solution for small businesses in Mexico. This is both great and bad. Let me explain… In our initial meeting I was told they used Workday as an example to follow. Their reasoning was that Workday has a very simple to use and […]