You Need To Take Responsibility For Your Own Evolution

One of the biggest challenges we have to tackle in the Next Economy is upskilling people. Heck, we’ve been living in a digital Economy for some time now and most people still use their computer or mobile phone to send emojis, animated gifs and memes to each other. That’s about as much as they know what to do with computing!

Critical Leadership Question: Do You Bring Out Mediocrity In Others?

Leadership is hard. It’s not about giving commands and mandates; it goes beyond that. You have to get involved with people, care about them. It’s about influence. You see successful leaders deliver results through relationships. With that said, you can tell a lot how someone leads by the way his / her followers behave.

The Future of Ecommerce

Arjun Ohri who is CEO of ShopMessage, a marketing automation platform built on Facebook Messenger that enables stores to engage their customers in new conversational ways

  • Tell me about yourself and business sms service
  • How does shopping through a chatbot enhance the experience? How is it different from shopping in online store?
  • How does a brand use messenger to help them optimize their sales? What leads to high conversion?
  • Does messaging (FB, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.) replace email as a way to stay in touch with customers? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • What are some ways that brick and mortar retailers can use your platform to connect with their customers? And also acquire new customers.
  • How have your clients benefited from using Shop Message? What some interesting case studies you have?
  • How can can a store owner get started on Shop Message?
  • What is the future of e-commerce?


The Hardest Lesson I’ve Learned: Pick Your Battles

There is a lesson all entrepreneurs have to learn and that’s how to pick your battles. This is one thing that I took a lot of time in learning. When I was just starting out in college I took on all challenges that came my way. I just didn’t know how to say no because I wanted to fix everything.