Are You Really Committed To Your Customer Experience?

My haircut is very simple, all around the head with number 1. It has been like that since I was 18 years old. So sometimes I cut my hair myself, and most of the time I go to the barber if I’m not feeling like doing it myself. My long time barber passed away a few years ago so I’ve been jumping from barber to barber. And in recent months I found this place that’s a combination barber and spa with a sports focus. All the barbers are women, dressed in sports pants.

I like it because they pamper you (wash your hair, massage your head and back), not just cut your hair. They’re all friendly and competent in what they do. I don’t just go with one woman all the time, at least 6 women have cut my hair. The experience is consistent with all them.

That is until yesterday.

The woman who cut my hair seemed to be in a hurry. I felt like she got me out of there in 5 minutes! Everything was rushed: cutting my hair, washing it (no towel to cover my face), no massaging my head and back, and not putting the mirror behind or in front of me to show me how I look after she finished cutting my hair.

Did she cut corners? You bet. Did I get a different experience than what I’m used to? Yes.

Your customer experience is everything

Overtime you can copy products, processes, business model but customer experience is very difficult to copy. That is, if you have a unique customer experience and are committed to it.

There’s a reasons there’s only one Disney. Because no matter what business you’re in, your customer experience is how you interact with your customers. Many companies have outcompeted others just on the strength, uniqueness and consistency of their customer experience.

Your employees might not be feeling like giving their best selves some day, but that’s exactly what separates the great company’s from others: they’re consistent no matter what.

Your customer experience experience doesn’t become unique until you’re committed to it. When your customer experience is consistent, it results in great customer satisfaction, word of mouth, brand loyalty and engagement.

Remember, you’re not just your product or service; you are your customer experience. It’s what people remember and take with them after every interaction they have with you you.