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What a small hardware store owner can teach you about creating value

Pepe PaezPepe Paez is a technologist with a deep enthusiasm for marketing strategy. With more than 10 years in the software development industry, he keeps a strong understanding of technology that goes where he goes and is part of his signature in new projects. Most recently, his interest and expertise revolves around Pricing Strategy and overall Strategic Marketing, where he tries to disrupt thinking by going back to basics.

He likes to spend his time between finding new things, being silly with his family and trying to actually enjoy a yoga class. You can find Pepe on Twitter, LinkedIn or email him directly

The importance of understanding value

Don Roberto is the owner of a small hardware store in northern Mexico, on a whim he decided to buy a few pallets of wood boards from a wooden pallet facility near Asheville, NC; after a couple of weeks he noticed customers were not buying any of the boards because he bought them at regular retail price. His was deemed too expensive.

At this point in the story, what would you do?

To be taken seriously, should advice giving innovation consultants be innovators themselves?

Gregg Fraley and I both are  of the opinion that a non-creative innovation consultant who knows the theory, but doesn’t get his hands dirty, has no business in giving game-changing advice.

Via Gregg Fraley in response to this article about creativity gurus:

Interesting that even the experts don’t really know how, exactly, to be more creative. A nicely written, humorous, and thoughtful piece.

When I saw his response, I couldn’t help myself and not respond. Here is my on-going response with Gregg (from Facebook):

Innovation must reads of the week: The 177 Myths of Innovation

Innovation must reads of the week: The 177 Myths of Innovation

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Don’t be afraid of Trial-and-error: How to gain evolutionary advantage

trial and error

Why wait for the need to become obvious? Yes, why wait for it? If you are an established company, you have a set of challenges that you need to wrestle with on a daily basis. Growth, is one. Either by strengthening the existing value proposition of your current business, or by creating something entirely new.

With that said, to see what isn’t there, ask yourself a pair of questions: